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13 November 2014

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i concur

i concur

i concur on their debut at this year's Leeds/Reading Festival

Playing at Leeds/ Reading Festival just 18 months after your first gig is dream fodder for most bands but for i concur it's a reality.

RT: What led i concur to form in the first place?

ic: Tim and James were in a band that was imminently about to split and Chris was also in a band that wasn't working out. We all kept bumping into each other at gigs and realised we had shared interests. Tim had quite a few songs already written so we all got together to see what would happen. Toby joined later and was found by the wonders of musicians wanted website's!

I Concur

i concur's Tim Hann

RT: January 2007 at The Packhorse, Leeds, saw i concur play their first gig. How has the bands sound evolved since then?

ic: When we started out the first few songs had much more of an Americana style but the latest material has come out a lot harder, more riff based. Sonically we're more dynamic and the volume has probably gone up a notch or two as well. We also feel much more comfortable on stage together than we have ever done.

RT: i concur's songs are often recognized for their diverse topics of story and musically, evoking huge imagery. With subject matter including prehistoric crocodiles and the isolated Stott Hall, where do these ideas come from?

ic: The ideas usually come from news stories, documentaries, books or film - any type of media really. We keep an eye out for a good subject matter then Tim takes the tough job of turning the idea into lyrics.

RT Chosen from reams of other bands to play on the unsigned stage at both the Leeds and Reading Festivals. Where were you when you found out the news?

ic: It was pretty late at night. Tim and Toby were thinking about going to bed (not together!), Chris had just got back from a Death Cab for Cutie gig and James was working late, crazy boy.

RT: Your top three emotions on hearing the news?

ic: Excited, (a little) apprehensive, proud.

i concur band members

RT: As a band, how do you prepare for something like this?

ic: Lots of rehearsal - we have a couple of new songs we'll play so we have to make sure those are up to speed and its a case of not getting too worked up before we play!'

RT: How have you gone about deciding on a set list?

ic: Its been more difficult in recent months because we have quite a few new songs introduced.....its a nice problem to have but sometimes we have to scratch our heads to decide which songs to drop for certain gigs.

RT: The press is often riddled with tales of acts demanding mammoth riders, what would an i concur festival rider look like?

ic: Mainly water and lager. Maybe some houmous. We don't ask for certain colours of M&M's or anything.

RT: Who are i concur most excited to see play at this years festival?

I Concur

i concur

ic: I think Chris is looking forward to seeing Rage Against the Machine. British Sea Power are a great band, The Duke Spirit are cool and we like Bloc Party too.'

RT: The 80's saw Bonnie Tyler famously being pelted with urine at the Reading Festival. Have you ever had anything thrown at you whilst on stage?

ic: We played a charity gig a few weeks ago and had some leopard print knickers thrown at us which was a bit odd. No idea where those came from as it was almost all blokes in the audience.

RT: What are your expectations for the band after Leeds/ Reading?

ic: A hangover and then it'll be focusing on recording our debut album.

RT: With your song subjects never being predictable, what can we expect from future i concur tracks? 

ic: There's a new song written about a very obscure language from South America, called Zogue, which is on the verge of dying out. Another new song is about a character from the TV series the wire.

With Leeds/ Reading just around the corner and their single 'Oblige' set to be released October 6th,  it looks like i concur are set to carry on the speedy pace they have set in the past 18 months.

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You are in: Humber > Community > Blast Reporter > i concur on their debut at this year's Leeds/Reading Festival

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