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24 September 2014

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Privates Chenery and McCourt from the Bus team

Private Chenery and McCourt from the Bus

The BBC Bus was sent to Boot Camp

The BBC bus was on its best behaviour as it went off to Normandy Barracks, Leconfield.

What is DST Leconfield? Well, to most people in Beverley, DST Leconfield stands for lorries slowly making their way around the town.

Student drivers are a major part of life at Leconfield with over 200 recruits taking lorry driving lessons on any given day. But there is more to life in Leconfield than lorries.

Take the Phoenix Theatre for example, the tenpin bowling alley or even the Sea King helicopters and that's all within the 7-mile perimeter fence just to the north of Beverley.

Privates Crawford, McCourt and Chenery went on reconnaissance inside the gates of the base to find out what happens there.

Lisa Crawford tries a curry

It's it too hot? No, it's Lisa Crawford

Lisa Crawford tested a traditional Gurkha curry, which was cooked by Gurkha Regiment's own driving instructor! Luckily, she had enough left over to share with the rest of the Bus team.

BBC Radio Humberside’s Private Lara King got into her best camouflage kit, as she broadcast her afternoon programme live from the base. Lara really enjoyed her guided tour of the driving courses and hills on the outskirts of the base. She didn’t realise it would take place in an all-terrain vehicle.

By the end of her show she had recovered and was able to have a little dance with Crafty Sue to the bag pipes, played by Dave Elvidge, (the Quality Assurance Manager
of the workshops at Leconfield) Piper with Beverley Pipe Band.

The Bus team and the Sea King Helicopter

On Friday the BBC Bus team went along to E-flight, home of the RAF Sea King Helicopter.

We were given the opportunity to fly out across the North Sea in a Sea King, landing on HMS Illustrious and then heading back to Leconfield.

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You are in: Humber > Community > BBC Bus > The BBC Bus was sent to Boot Camp

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