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28 October 2014

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Withernsea Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse

Towering over the Holderness coast, Withernsea Lighthouse has a fascinating history.

IT towers 127 feet over Withernsea, has 144 steps to the top and inside you can discover a whole host of exhibitions including a Kay Kendall memorial and RNLI and Coastguard exhibits.

Open for business once again, the lighthouse attracts interest from all over the world, including as far away as the Americas.

Withernsea Lighthouse view

The view from the top

The lighthouse itself has an interesting history. Built in 1894 the lighthouse remained operational until 1972 when it was decommissioned. The light, which stood 120 feet above sea level and could be seen up to 17miles out to sea, was made redundant and the lens was taken to St Mary’s in Litley Bay, whose lens was in turn sent to Penzance, the museum for lighthouse’.

The lighthouse was then bought from Trinity House in 1986 by relatives of Kay Kendall, the famous 1950’s film star who starred in films such as “Genevieve,” as a memorial to the Withernsea born actress. Signed over to the lighthouse trust in 1990, the lighthouse began to take shape as a museum.

Exhibitions in the lighthouse include a local history room, with Victorian and Edwardian
photos of Withernsea, including the piers and railway.

The Kay Kendall memorial features pictures and short clips from her films, and a brief history of the actress and the HM Coastguard and RNLI exhibit gives a history of the RNLI in Withernsea and lifesaving methods which have been used since the 1862.

One of the biggest and most popular features of the lighthouse are the views from the top, over Withernsea as far as the eye can see. You have to work for the reward though, as getting to the top involves climbing a staggering, knee trembling 144 steps. For those unable to make the top a live camera feed from the top of the building can be seen from the bottom of the steps.

Kay Kendal Museum

The Kay Kendal Museum

And once you have come back down to earth the museums café serves a variety of refreshments, which can be enjoyed inside or out in the lighthouse’ garden.

An average of over 6000 visitors each year mean the lighthouse is one of Withernsea’s best known and most popular attractions. Despite this the lighthouse makes no profit, as all of the proceeds are put back into maintaining the building and funding new exhibitions.

The Lighthouse is open 11am to 5pm most days, but to check opening times call (01964) 614834.

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created: 23/05/2006

You are in: Humber > Places > Places Features > To the Lighthouse

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