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13 November 2014

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Beverley Minster

A fashion show with a difference.

Fairtrade fashion show

Apart from religious services, Beverley Minster has hosted plenty of events in its long history, such as folk music concerts and bands playing medieval music.

But on Tuesday 14th March, the rows of pews were replaced by a catwalk and palm trees, taking on a rainforest theme, as the magnificent Gothic church hosted its first ever fashion show.

The fashion show is part of fairtrade fortnight and was organised by members of the Cherry Burton and Beverley fairtrade groups and the women’s group, Cameo.

Glitzy fairtrade top

Ros Stanley, the Cherry Burton fairtrade group secretary, says by buying fair trade clothes shoppers can help improve the lives of people in the world's poorer countries.

“I think many people are aware that sweatshops are a huge problem in the fashion industry. Fairtrade not only addresses the sweatshops themselves but actually addresses paying the cotton growers a correct price for their crop.

“They’re really up against the wall at the moment because there are such heavy subsidies on American cotton, that it’s very difficult to sell cotton at the proper prices.”

Ros Stanley

Ros Stanley

The event saw fair trade fashions from 15 companies, who have sourced the clothes from all over the southern hemisphere and poorer parts of the world.

“We have clothing from Nepal, Ecuador and all sorts of places from the Andes.” said Mrs Stanley. “We have clothing from countries in Africa and Mauritius and quite a lot from the poorer parts of the Asian sub-continent.”

The organisers had invited wine producer Sergio Allen from Chile to give a special presentation on the difference fair trade has made to producers in his home country.

Mr Allen, who is currently on a Fair Trade Producer Tour of Europe, said: "It was fantastic. The clothes looked great and it was very successful because it's a new experience here."

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You are in: Humber > Faith > Fairtrade > Fairtrade fashion show

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