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24 September 2014

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Coast Walk

You are in: Humber > Places > Walks > Coast Walk > Point 6 - Spurn Lightship

Spurn Lightship

Point 6 - Spurn Lightship

Carry on walking along the waterside past the Minerva pub. Turn right at the pub into Minerva Terrace. Keep walking along the humber dockside until you reach the Spurn Lightship, this is at the end of the Marina.

For more than three decades this Spurn Lightship lay anchored at the mouth of the treacherous Humber Estuary. 

Its light and foghorn marking the treacherous shoals, where some 30 vessels have been wrecked.

Spurn Lightship

Spurn Lightship stationed on the Humber.

This light vessel was built in Goole in 1927 at a cost of £17,000. Having no engine, it was towed into position on the Estuary on November 17th 1927, to act as a navigational aid.

Built from steel, this lightship is divided into seven watertight compartments and constructed in such a way that it is rendered as being 'practically unsinkable'.

Below deck, the vessel is partitioned into three areas with the stern being the crew's living quarter. This houses four sleeping berths, a wash area and a kitchen unit complete with a gallery stove.

This vessel was one of five lightships that were stationed on the Humber. The others being Bull, Lower Whitton, Middle Whitton and Upper Whitton.

Relief by boat

Lightship crew changing shift

During WW2, the floating light vessel moved to the middle of the Estuary. After the war, she was replaced back to her original position until 1959, when she was removed from station for refitting.

In that same year a new Spurn Lightship had been built and placed on the Humber. The old Spurn Lightship was repainted, then transferred to the Bull Shallows station and was known as the Bull Light vessel. She remained in service here until November 1975.

In 1983, the city council restored the lightship to its original condition and moored her here onto the Marina. Since February 1987 she has been on display to the public. From April to October you can go aboard and explore this vessel.

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You are in: Humber > Places > Walks > Coast Walk > Point 6 - Spurn Lightship

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