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24 September 2014

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Coast Walk

You are in: Humber > Places > Walks > Coast Walk > Point 5 - Victoria Pier

Victoria Pier

Point 5 - Victoria Pier

Follow the river past the tidal barrier and The Deep on your left and keep going for about a mile until you get to Nelson Street. The pier will be in front of you.

Victoria Pier

Illustration of the Pier in late 1800s

These rushing grey waters were navigated every day by small boats taking passengers and produce from here to New Holland on the opposite bank.

Before the construction of the Humber Bridge, Victoria Pier was the main terminal for ferries to depart from here to Lincolnshire. The last ferry, named the 'Faringford', left the pier on June 24th 1981.

The area where you are standing on was built on land that was reclaimed from the Humber Dock.

The Pier opened in 1847 and was initially known as Corporation Pier until 1854, when Queen Victoria left the city from this port following her visit to Hull, it was then renamed Victoria Pier as it is now known today.

This vicinity has seen many changes over the last two decades including developments of the Marina, The Deep and new office blocks.

Minerva pub

The Minerva pub

The fruit market and Minerva pub continue to thrive. However, there is still a proportion of decline and disrepair on the adjacent streets but regeneration plans are afoot to improve the area.

Look to the left and you can see The Deep shaped like an abstract submarine. This aquarium was designed by Sir Terry Farrell and took three years to construct. It opened in 2002 and houses a variety of sea life including sharks.

On a clear day, looking in the opposite direction past the Marina and Albert Docks you can see the Humber Bridge in the far distance.

When the bridge opened in 1981, it was the longest single span suspension bridge in the world until the construction of Denmark's Storebelt and East Bridge in 1998.

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You are in: Humber > Places > Walks > Coast Walk > Point 5 - Victoria Pier

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