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17 September 2014
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Penney Poyzer

Green choices

From wormeries to washing machines, find out where you can obtain the eco-friendly products featured in No Waste Like Home.

Conservatory blinds
SolarTex™ Thermal Blinds - SolarTex™ is an advanced fabric that reduces heat and glare in the summer and helps to retain warmth in winter. Its unique non-metal thermal coating provides a higher than average reflective value.
Thomas Sanderson
Tel: 0800 220 603

Thermafleece insulation
Second Nature manufactures Thermafleece from British hill sheeps wool to create an efficient insulation material. Because of its ability to rapidly absorb and release water vapour, it keeps buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.
Second Nature
Tel: 01768 486285

Create top quality compost and concentrated liquid feed from kitchen waste, with the help of a womery. These are very useful for smaller gardens and can reduce waste volumes by up to 80%.
Original Organics
Tel: 01884 841 515
Wiggly wigglers
Organic gardening catalogue

Green cone composter
A solar-heated garden unit which reduces food waste to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and a small residue, saving 20% of household waste being collected.
Green cone
Tel: 0800 731 2572

Chicken eglus
A specially designed chicken house for town gardens, eglus can keep up to four chickens, thus producing eggs for home cooking. Omlet supply the organic chickens and eglus by home delivery.
Tel: 0845 450 2056

Recycling bins
A wide selection of recycling bins and containers, which can neatly fit in your kitchen.
Home Recycling
Tel: 08456 123 191

A domestic waste compactor, which enables you to double your wheelie bin's capacity for waste.
Carlton Engineering Products
Tel: 01702 420 300

Fat trap containers
A sealable tub for the collection of fat and oils (which are disposed in the bin) to avoid sewers becoming blocked.
Anglian Water
Tel: 01522 341 000

Choose a water-saving toilet such as the es4 4-litre single flush.
Green Building Store
IDO dual-flush water-saving toilet is available with a 4-litres or 2.5-litre flush, stocked by eco builder's merchant, Construction Resources.
These are compliant with building registrations.

Washing machine
Dyson CR02 2 Drums Allergy washing machine
Energy efficient washing machine with two drums.
Tel: 01666 827200
Find out more information on energy efficient washing machines at the National Energy Foundation.

Ventaxia - air conditioning unit
Energy efficient ventilation solutions, which are simple to install and use less energy.
Tel: 01293 526062

Make your own potpourri by using silica gel to dry the petals, available at:
Geejay Chemicals
Tel: 01767 682774

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