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17 September 2014
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Contemporary Zen Living Room
Contemporary Zen Living Room
Room: Living Room
Colours: Lilac; Pink;
Style: Modern;
Budget: Low
Programme: Changing Rooms
Designer: Graham Wynne;
Feature: Water feature
Create a relaxing purple room, which is ideal for chilling out in. Escape from daily drudgery and the children with this calming design, enhanced by a simple water feature.

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Purple walls
The walls
Paint the walls purple. Mix two parts purple paint with one part white emulsion to soften the effect.
White floorboards
Sand the floor and paint it white. Make a rug using off cuts of carpet. Cut out a square from beige carpet. Surround with a purple border and secure the two sections together with tape. Glue the edges with PVA to stop them fraying.
Glass doors
Frosting glass
Cover glass doors in a frosting film. Apply with Squeegees to press out the air bubbles in the frosting film to give a smooth and even finish.
Soft furnishings
Cover the cushions in lilac and pistachio cotton drill. Use the same fabric to upholster the chairs. Give the arms of the chair a distressed look by lime waxing them and then rubbing with black bison wax.
Coffee table
Coffee table
Modernise a coffee table. Cut a circular hole in the middle of a table leaving a ledge for the centre panel to rest on. Insert a piece of frosted glass so that it is flush with the tabletop. Sand down and paint white to create a contemporary feel.

Water feature
Construct a false wall from 18mm MDF and fit two large fish tanks behind it filled with bubbles and coloured water.
Water feature
Water feature
Place the tanks on strong garage shelving, reinforced with 18mm MDF to hold the weight of the fish tanks. Finally fix the shelving unit onto the wall with angle brackets.

TV unit
Build a TV unit from two laminated cabinets. Attach a piece of reclaimed floorboard on top to give the appearance of one solid unit. Cut out a square section in the doors, staple wire mesh inside the frame and cover with white drill fabric.
Art work
Art work
Paint a lighter hue of the wall colour onto a sheet of 6mm MDF. Tear sugar paper into strips and glue to the MDF. Mount the sheet onto the walls using standard mirror plates.
Dress the room
Dress the room with plants to enhance the peaceful nature of the room. Tie a group of different length bamboo poles together and stain with cold tea. Fill the top of the poles with pots of moss.
  Products   Paint   Brand   Crown Expressions collection  
  Details   Rodeo Drive   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
  Products   Fabric   Brand   -  
  Details   White, lilac and pistachio cotton drill,   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Fabric stores          
  Web/tel   -          
  Products   Frosting film   Brand   -  
  Details   -   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Art and DIY stores          
  Web/tel   -          
  Products   Furniture wax   Brand   Liberon  
  Details   Lime wax; Black bison wax   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
  Web/tel   Tel: 01797 367 555          
  Products   Water feature   Brand   -  
  Details   Fish tanks; Rena 400 pump; air bricks; gravel and tubing   Cost   £233  
  Supplier   Aquarium suppliers          
  Web/tel   -          
  Products   Laminated cabinets   Brand   Argos  
  Details   -   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Argos          
  Products   Primer   Brand   Ray Munn  
  Details   Easy surface primer   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
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