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17 September 2014
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Colonial Theme Bedroom
Colonial Theme Bedroom
Room: Bedroom
Colours: Orange;
Style: Global; Traditional;
Budget: Low
Programme: Changing Rooms
Designer: Graham Wynne;
Feature: Handmade striped rug
Brightly coloured silks from India turn this room into a soft, flowing and relaxing haven that takes you to another world. Orange walls, gold silks, a four poster bed and natural materials create an old Colonial look.

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Orange walls
Paint the walls orange as a backdrop for the rich fabrics and accessories in the room.
The floorboards
Sand the floor with an industrial sander and edger. Start using coarse sandpaper and move down to fine paper. Brush up the dust and wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Then stain the boards a deep oak stain to produce an antique look.
Striped rug
Handmade striped rug
Take a piece of carpet, turn it over so the underside is on top. Using silver duct tape mask off strips along the length of the carpet. Dye the strips using fabric paint and when dry remove the tape and seal the edge with webbing.
Indian style wardrobe
Indian style wardrobe
Cut out the door panels from an existing wardrobe and replace them with fretwork to create an Indian look. Paint it an off white colour.
Colonial style shutters
Colonial Style Shutters
Make four frames from planed wood and fix fretwork panels onto them using panel adhesive. Join two frames together with brass hinges and repeat for the other shutter. Paint them the same colour as the wardrobe and fix to the wall.
Side table
Remaining furniture
Sand and then stain the existing furniture using a medium oak stain to complement the floor.
A four-poster bed
Four-poster bed
Stain four six foot posts and then fix them onto the existing bed frame at each corner. Take lengths of copper piping and fix them horizontally to the uprights. Hang full length orange silk in each corner to produce the effect of drapes.
Wicker chair
Dress the room with large green plants, candles and silk cushions to create an Indian feel.
The mirror
Take a large mirror and fix fretwork round the top edges to give a curved effect.
  Products   Floor Sander   Brand   -  
  Details   -   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Tool hire shops          
  Web/tel   -          
  Products   Stain - floor   Brand   Colron  
  Details   Georgian medium oak stain   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
  Web/tel   Tel: 0207 420 1770          
  Products   Paint - walls   Brand   Dulux  
  Details   vinyl matt -wholemeal honey - 90YR34468   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
  Products   Paint - border   Brand   Paint Library  
  Details   Tester Pots - Hot Lip; Dragon Seed; Hopsack; Moxa and Whisky.   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
  Web/tel   -          
  Products   Carpet webbing   Brand   Macolloch and Wallis  
  Details   -   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Haberdashery Stores          
  Web/tel   -          
  Products   Fretwork - wardrobe   Brand   -  
  Details   no 1972 - Jali   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Jali          
  Products   Fretwork - shutters   Brand   -  
  Details   no 7632 - Jali   Cost   -  
  Supplier   Jali          
  Products   Paint - shutters & wardrobe   Brand   Farrow & Ball  
  Details   water-based eggshell - Lime White, C/C1   Cost   -  
  Supplier   All good DIY stores          
  Products   Pebbles - fireplace   Brand   -  
  Details   white pea gravel   Cost   -  
  Supplier   DIY Stores          
  Web/tel   -          
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