History of the BBC

History of the BBC

Recovered radio and TV recordings

Recovered audio files

These are a few of the BBC radio broadcasts recovered during the Treasure Hunt campaign.


It Sticks Out Half A Mile - 1st Pilot Recorded on 19/7/81
A Dad's Army spin-off, written by Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles as a vehicle for Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier.


I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - the first edition 11/04/72
Humph's opening lines introduce a new panel game. Thirty years later he's still at and so are some of this very first panel.


Something To Shout About - first episode 07/06/61
A light-hearted satire on the world of advertising written by Myles Rudge and Ronnie Wolfe and starring Michael Medwin, Fenella Fielding, Joan Sims, Eleanor Summerfield and Warren Mitchell.


It's A Deal - 01/06/61
After Hancock's Half Hour, Sid James turned his hand to property dealing for this 13 part series written by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney.


It's A Fair Cop - 16/06/61
Eric Sykes was known as a writer of comedy, but this was the first radio series (written by John Junkin and Terry Nation) in which he starred as a bungling Policeman.


The Men From The Ministry - 20/11/62
From the first series of this long-running comedy written by Edward Taylor, Whitehall mandarins Wilfred Hyde-White and Richard Murdoch are travelling to Paris to teach the NATO powers cricket.


Music While You Work - 27/09/67 (final broadcast)
From June 1940 this long-running series broadcast two live bands a day to British factory workers to increase wartime productivity and morale.


Man and Superman - 16/08/65
Fenella Fielding and Robert Hardy feature in this radio production of George Bernard Shaw's reworking of the Don Juan theme. John Tanner finally submits to the 'life force' of his predatorial ward Ann Whitfield.


Their Very Old And Golden City - 09/12/68
Arnold Wesker's 1965 play contrasts the dreams of young architect Andrew Cobham (Anthony Jackson) with what he as an adult would later achieve.


The Public Ear
This radio version of Points of View was broadcast on the BBC Light Programme. The clip here includes a letter from a Beatlemaniac.



Recovered video files

These are a few of the BBC TV recordings recovered during the Treasure Hunt campaign.


Dad's Army - 1969 complete episodes
The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage
Operation Kilt


D R Campbell footage: Tommy Cooper (1950)
Tommy Cooper's earliest surviving performance (silent).


Z Cars (1962)
Recovered episode - Appearance in Court.


Doctor Who (1966)
The last complete episode to be recovered was The Day of Armageddon, starring William Hartnell.


The Likely Lads (1965)
Recently-returned episode - Last of the Big Spenders.


Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp (1966)
The BBC's Christmas Panto. Starring Roy Castle and Arthur Askey.


Here's Harry (1961)
Comedian Harry Worth tries to use the telephone in a rediscovered episode, The Birthday.


D R Campbell footage: Rehearsals at Alexandra Palace (1936)
Behind-the-scenes at Alexandra Palace.


D R Campbell footage: Bank Holiday Army Display (1938)
A display of weapons at Alexandra Palace.


D R Campbell footage: A Dance Act (1930s)
A surprisingly lively performance (silent).

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