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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Welcome to BBC Scotland's People's War Personal Page! Thank you for volunteering to gather stories for this nationally important archive. Your assistance is very much appreciated. Please remember the following points in submitting stories to the website:

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Stories contributed by BBC Scotland

Joining the Wrens
Air-raid shelter in the east end of Greenock
The Greenock Blitz: 6th May 1941
Making do and mending in Greenock
Flying bombs in Yorkshire
Raw Recruit in the Desert at El Alamein
Dig for Victory - Scottish Gardens and Allotments Society
Memories of being a Teenager in Aberdeen during WW2
Evacuee to Ruskie and West Kilbride
Japanese Internment Camp in China
Gourock's Wee Gas Lassie - a memoir of wartime in Gourock
The Destruction of the "Maille Brise" in Greenock
If Hitler is Coming I Must be Dressed
Glasgow Blitz
Clydebank Blitz
The Barrage Balloon that Broke Loose from Blochairn Gas works
"I'll Be Your Sweetheart"
VE Day in the Bread Queue, Aberdeen
Royal Signals River Crossing Almost 'Scrambled'
Did this Scottish Gunner Give Rommel's General the Fright of His Life?icon for Recommended story
Stornaway Soldier Hits Rommel with Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Glasgow Woman Finds Love in Naples
Dundee Evacuee Pays Bus Fare Home Using her Tattie Moneyicon for Recommended story
Bombed piano in Aberdeen
Surprise Reunion in the Appennines
A Bad Memory from the Battle of Alameinicon for Recommended story
Bombs dropped on Aberdeen 21 April 1943icon for Story with photo
Childhood memories of wartime life on a farm in Nethy Bridge
Scottish man has a lucky escape at Tilbury
Air raids and sweet rations: a war-time childhood in Glasgow
A stoker mechanic's story
Fire at Weedon
With the Parachute Regiment in Palestine
Scottish man's tragedy during the D-Day landings
Wartime bridge over the River Rhine
An unforgettable visit to the Yugoslav Partisans!
Night-time raid on Scots soliders at Cassa di Mezzo
Air-raid carnage on Menzies Road, Torry
Army Butcher from Aberdeen
Aberdonian dodges death in Italy and Germany
Forth Bridge Faux Pas
The Miracle Before Dunkirk
Cyprus Capers
The Breaking of the Enigma Codeicon for Recommended story
Free French Sortie
The Tobruk By-Pass
Memories of my Uncle, a Gordon Highlander
Wartime letter header to Scots Lancericon for Story with photo
Mirano Square 1icon for Story with photo
Mirano square 2icon for Story with photo
Scot caught on camera in Miranoicon for Story with photo
Scots trooper Dougal Milneicon for Story with photo
Trieste Square_ 12th Royal Lancers A divicon for Story with photo
Looking onto Trieste Squareicon for Story with photo
Scot celebrates with Mirano partizansicon for Story with photo
Scot's 50th anniversary medal _ fronticon for Story with photo
Scot's 50th anniversary medal _ rearicon for Story with photo
Scot's 50th anniversary medal cardicon for Story with photo
Soldiers at Aberdeen Barracksicon for Story with photo
Scot's Diary 1st Jan 1945icon for Story with photo
Scot's Diary Germany Surrenders 2nd Mayicon for Story with photo
From Cassel to Dunkirk
Bute remembers WW2
Aberdonian's suffering as a Japanese PoW
Aberdeen Man Was Bodyguard to Montyicon for Recommended story
Evacuation: Glasgow to Wigtown
Scottish POW's Bible saviour
Scottish POW Death March to Poland
Scottish soldier stole in POW camp
Royal Armoured Corps tank workforce in Burma
Agnes's Love Story
Birthday Cake
ARP work
Third Time Unlucky or Lucky?
Scotland to India
Japanese Prisoner Of War
A Lad on the Richmond Hill
A night on a Normandy Beach
Third Time Lucky?
Sailing in a Minefield
A Move that Saved my Life.
My Poor Mother Never Lived That Down
Photo of armbands: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
My Brief A.T.S. Career
War helmet: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Emergency coffee: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Wartime radio: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Child's gas mask: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Mothers Cross: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Nuremberg: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Land Army Badge: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
M43 Tunic: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Stirrup Pump: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Jill on the Land poster: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Quiet before the storm photo: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Stuck - Like a Cork in a Bottle
Ration Book: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
German girl and gun photo: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
BDM flags: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
Air Raid Warden's Reference Book: Scotlandicon for Story with photo
League of German Maidens (Bund Deutscher Madel)icon for Story with photo
Hid in a Cupboard while Bombs Fell on Aberdeen
The Spirit of the British Soldier
This is War - No Point Being Feart
Fighting with the Gordon Highlanders in Normandy
Stirrup hand-pumpicon for Story with photo
My gran's memories of Boness during the war
Carnoustie sailor torpedoed in Bermuda
Uncle Wullie's magic suitcase! A war-time childhood in Dykemuir Street, Glasgow.
Apprentice moulder in Falkirk during WW2
Childhood memories of Portobello, Edinburgh
Memories of war-time Grangemouth
Walkerburn wartime memories
Mum was crying
Train bomb
Celebrating the end of the war in Paisley
My Uncle Tommy
A Dumfrieshire man's wartime wanderings
Gretna Bomb 1941
Wartime on a Dumfrieshire farm
The Change War Made
The New Intake and The Convoy
War Time Memoriesicon for Recommended story
An Aberdeen Wren's Wartime Memories
After Colditz, on the Autobahn in Mayor of Leipzig's Car
Life in the London shelters
Fire in the sky in Paisley
A typical bombing raid into Burma
Leaving family behind in Dumfries
A Dumfrieshire family's war
Playing with guns and bombs in Ayrshire
The Lumberjills of Scotlandicon for Recommended story
Roll on the Boat
Up, up, and away!
Home Guard jokes in Dumfries
Farmers and rationing
Air raid counter measures
Growing up in Locharbriggs
Evacuees from Glasgow
From shelters to bananans
From Yorkshire to the Azores - playing football!
Late night walks in the blackout
On the busses in Glasgow
Torpedoed three times!
Waiting for the All Clear
From Plymouth to Fife
Porridge and peeling tatties
Saying goodbye at Dunbar station
The Newfoundland War Brides
WWII memories from Scotland
East end of Greenock (Hillend Drive)
Air-raid carnage in Gourock
Scot loses beret on VE Day!
A war-time childhood in Fyvie
Wartime love lost and found
'Cockney' 51st Highland Division member at D-Day landings
A Scot is amongst the first to cross the Rhine
Bombing in Bath and balloons in Glasgow
Aberdeen man drives General in Normandy and Oslo
51st Highland Division service
A wartime childhood in Staffordshire
Safe home during an air-raid in Aberdeen
Memories of the Land Army
Scottish woman types the Normandy invasion plans
A Glaswegian loses friends in pre-Normandy battle
A Glaswegian's account of the Normandy landings
Scarborough in wartime: Part 1
Childhood memories of Glasgow during the war
Aberdonian's experience in German copper mine
Scarborough in wartime: Part 2
Lochcarron man's fantastic tale of war
Aboard an aircraft carrier near Gourock on Christmas day
PART 1 of 5 - A Wartime Story - We'll Meet Again
PART 2 - A Wartime Story - We'll Meet Again
PART 3 - A Wartime Story - We'll Meet Again
PART 4 - A Wartime Story - We'll Meet Again
PART 5 - A Wartime Story - We'll Meet Again
From Grangemouth to Top Secret work at the War Office
Downed German plane in Dundee
Memento from a British fighter plane
German bombers going west to bomb Clydebank
Typing and dancing in Dumfries
A Dumfries girl helps paint the tanks white
Edinburgh to Exeter for the Admiralty
Americans preparing for D-Day
Trapped in the wreckage
Brother lost
War memories during my long, happy life
Occupation of Aarschot, Belgium
Bombing of Clydebank, March 1941
Munitions Park
Wartime nursing - Yorkhill Hospital and Western Infirmary, Glasgow
Tragic war-time death of Nova Pilbeam
A wartime childhood in Aberdeen
A sad reminiscence of WW2 in Aberdeen
I fought down the Kalbaw Valley
Memories of an Evacuee
“21” on VE Day
On Leaving Cabbala (H.M.S.)
Aberdeen bombing (1943)
Under the influence of Scottish girls as I celebrated my 21st birthday
The bombing of Hall Russell Shipyard, Aberdeen
An Aberdonian's war-time service
Wartime service of Duns man
The Celebrations Were For Us
Growing Tatties and Painting Roofs in Wartime Aberdeen
Nonagenarian's Memories of Active Service
Caught in Bullet Fire in Aberdeen
Broadford Works, Aberdeen
Growing up in Northumberland during WW2
YMCA Aberdeen
ATS, Hull
ATS Shropshire - Sneaking back to barracks
Lost in Newcastle
Merchant Navy Ammunition Ship - The Forgotten Men
WAFS at Kinloss
Z-craft Lighter
1258 A.M.E.S Arakan Coast Islands
Beachcombing in Peterhead
Night-time air-raids in Newcastle
ATS Training
Rations and harvest in Laurencekirk
A Scotsman in a foreign regiment
Aberdeen Barrage Balloon Operator
Working to Keep the Planes in the Air.
Theatre Sister On Hospital Ship Number Six
A KOSB at Rangoon
Adventures on the Arakan coast
Butter, beetroot and the blackout
Air Raids on Aberdeen
Desert Rat in Egypt and Libya
Naval postings
Through the eyes of an 11 year old
Dance with me
A schoolboy in wartime
A child's memories of wartime in the Braes of Glenlivet
Happy memories of my war effort
How a Glasgow child grew up quickly
Bread for Aberdeen
Nursing down under
A passage to India
An Aberdeen man's wartime experience, 1939-46
Stand down of Aberdeen's Home Guard
From Aberdeen schoolboy to pilot
POW in Germany
Saucepans for helmets
A Glasgow child of wartime
A young man's travel through Europe
Skiing, invading and tracking down war criminals
Kinloss and Birkhead childhood
Dogfight high over Edinburgh
A Clydebank fire fighter
Shell in the well
A plane crash in Morayshire
Mock up for D-Day in Morayshire
Four king scouts as abassadors
Scattered memories of wartime Wednesbury
From Royalty to Burma
Childhood memories of Dorset
A childhood in north Wales
Tragedy at the ATC camp
Two left gumboots!
Sailing to Egypt
My Medical Examinationicon for Story with photo
Swimming with crocodiles
The crash of Beaufort AW200
Part of my army recordicon for Story with photo
Part of my army recordicon for Story with photo
Part of my war recordicon for Story with photo
Growing up in Turriff
My new husband called up
Life in Moorpark
Clydebank Blitz
dropping like flares
Bevin Boy
Tea Leaves
Pay Office in Edinburgh
Evacuation to Scotland - The Butlin Family
Aircraft Crash
Aircraft Crash Stirling
Sergeant Stewart RAF — His Story by his Brother
Memories of Mr Taggart
Southern Itlay 1945
Southern Italy 1945
Convoys - as seen from my attic window.
Dad in the Home Guard
Bombed in Birmingham
Lake of Murray
The Black Hole
My time in the WAAF
The last day of the War
The War Years
The first Day
Various Memories
Eary experiences of War Time Prior to Call Up for National Service
History of Service with the Royal Navy 1943-1947
The Invasion of Sicily
Memories of a Young Showman; Scottsh Section of the Showman's Guild
The Mulberry Harbour
Unexploded Bomb
All for Norway (Alt for Norge)
Finding out Father was dead
Govan in the War
Rations and Blackouts
Ships that Passed in the Night
A Wartime Hoarder
VE Day Bonfire
VE Day Street Parties
Staying with Granny
Barr and Strouds and VE DAy
VE Day Luton
Castlemilk White Heather Club
Midden Motor
Sandyhills Tennis and Bowling CLub
I must of been busy that day
Happy and Sad
3 Daughters
From the Chairman of the GOPWA
Some of a boys WW2 Memory Snapshots
My Great Grandmothers story of her loss
My Grandad - Scotland
My Great Grandad
My Papas story
My Grans life time story in 1939 - 1945
The Clydebank Blitz
My Grandpa during world war 2
My Papa
My Grandma
Great Uncle J Arrol Crerar
Prisoner of War
Annie Boyd Leading WREN
Hurlford War Hero
My Great Uncle
Wartime Childhood Memories
My Brave Grandpa - John Murray
Ayrshire's War
The Clydebank Blitz - from the eyes of my grandparents
The Clydebank Blitz 2 - Through the eyes of my grandparents
The Clydebank Blitz by Kathryn McKerrall
Scots POW chicken theft
Exmouth house bombing
Scottish WREN and USA servicemen
Scottish Wren signals
Scottish ack ack battery & war crimes
Wren out of the war
Scottish wartime admin
Lufftwaffe in Malta
The Admirals Pink Sunglasses
Survival (Part 2)icon for Story with photo
Step brothers found through an advert in the Sun newspaper!
My Belgian Doll
Learn Direct Scotland Champion Learner 2005icon for Story with photo
Memories of Kilmarnock as a boy
Barrhead bombing - Pub Landlord killed!
Refugees in Giffnock
Tea and Sympathy
My Family
Sad and good memories
Clydebank Blitz
My life as a Signalman during the Waricon for Story with photo
Family Life
Family Life
Family Life
Family Life
V.E. Day Poem
Family Life
Jack Ricketticon for Story with photo
Family Life
Family Life
V.E Day
Free French Navy in Inverclyde
Free French Navy in Inverclyde
Free French Nave in Inverclyde
V.E. Day Poem
V.E. Day Poem
Inverclyde Shipbuilding
Inverclyde Shipping
Inverclyde Shipping
School Days
School Days
School Days
School Days
School Days
School Days
Moffat Memories
Loss of a Beloved Husbandicon for Story with photo
A.F.Stoddard Carpet Factory
Fifteen - Twenty one
Burma Memories
More Memories of Burma
The Clydebank Blitz
Clydebank Blitz
My Memory of 1939
British Forces Involvement in Yugoslavia 1943-45
Wartime Memories
On Route to Singapore
1940 Wedding
War Years 1939 - 1946
My Memories of World War II (1939-1945)
I Just Wanted to be a Singer
A.T.S - Royal Artillery
A.T.S - Royal Artillery - Reme 1939 - 1946/47
The Volunteer - Scottish Soldier
Family War Time
Man's Best Friend
Some Memories of the War Years
Some Memories of the War Years
Johnstone Wheelers
My Memories of the War Years
H.V Goodship's Life During the World War 2 Years
Wartime Experience of Joseph Sacharin Part 1
Wartime Experience of Joseph Sacharin Part 2
War Days
Women’s Wartime Memories
Taken for Granted
When War Was Declared
War Days Part 1
war Days Part 2
War Days Part 3
War Days Part 4
Life of Granddad Part 1
Life of Grandad Part 2
Life of Grandad Part 3
Memories of August 6th 1945
Narvik — April 1940

BBC Scotland added messages to the following stories

A4443077 - SURVIVAL
ARI on D-Day

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