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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Welcome to the BBC Kent People's War page.

Thanks to everybody who took part in our great Story Gathering Marathon on Thursday 7 July. Thanks to your efforts, we gathered at least three hundred stories that day. Three hundred more insights for future generations into what the war was like!

If you took part, but haven't yet put your story on-line, please do so soon! The sooner we gather stories, the sooner we can share them!

Or go to the BBC Radio Kent Actiondesk web page
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Stories contributed by A7431347

Stringing Up the Spies
Wartime Experience
Silent Night
Between the Sheets
D-Day a bird in the water
Protecting the Tulips
A Poem by Someone Who was Four at the Time ...
The Day the Ceiling Came Down in Fulham
Falling through the Floor in Fulham
Canada House
My wedding
VE Day in Greece
My injections
The Dogfight
The Football Strip
My Dads Sunday Lunch
The Childrens War
Battle of Britain Sunday
Susan's Bloody Nose
Life in Folkestone
Fear On Board
Never Sleep Under A Tank!
Hard Biscuits at Sea
Andre Mommen - French Resistanceicon for Recommended story
You Can Learn Something From Waricon for Recommended story
Night Shift at The Admirality
Evacuated from Dartford
Evacuated to Limpsfield
Evacuated to Oxford
A direct hit - on the Isle of Wight
Morvyn Foskett Moss William's Cumberland Evacuation Experience
Dog Fight Over Woking
Sirens were my wedding bells
Lathes were my destiny
Two Vivid Childhood Memoriesicon for Recommended story
Sweets to the Sweet: Farewell
Lathes were my destiny
A Day In My Family's War Experience
War breaks out in Poland
My Earls Barton adventure
Lucky Escapeicon for Recommended storyicon for Story with photo
Under the Cupboardicon for Story with photo
We think it was to set the sea alight!
Like a Car coming in through your Front Door
Exeter Fire
Crying for Mummy
Evacuated with my Sister Pearl
Praise the Lord and Keep the Engine Running!
A Poem - My Thanks
I Didn't Go Home
Holidays during the war.
Bananas and cucumber sandwiches!
Going to church THAT day
I was a Japanese POW
Polly's Gasmask Battle in Slough
Plane Crash and parachute clothes
Army terror
Gothic Line
A child in World War 2
We were Doodlebugged
My war effort
My experinces during world war 2
The story of Mrs Phyllis Stableford (nee Spackman) who was evacuated
Mother's ears
Crystal Palace Memories
I was bombed outicon for Story with photo
My evacuation
my memories
Peter Rothschild's reflections on the futility of war
When the war broke out
Ron's Firework Display
RAF Eastchurch
A Childs memory of Dunkirk
Cave Dwellers in Dover
Memories of an evacuee to Cirencester from Barking, Essex.
First lady and sixpence
MP in canterbury
Memories of the 40's
The German airman surrender
Denis's near miss at Tottenham
joyces war
Army Serviceicon for Story with photo
The dogs lucky escape
Mushrooms and Doodle Bugs
An evacuee in Rutlandshire
Mumps on the Samaria
Dogfight over Kent
Eric Howard and his childhood evacuation
The night the horses bolted
Missing in Hiroshima
Times Remembered
Future bother-in law's meet for the first time
War memories
Sidneys trek to Burma
Yvonne's "close shave"
Fred Spicer's Journey
Making lifelong friends in Greece during the war
David's War
My Time Without dad
Flying Car
Dougrll Gillham
The Ups and Downs of a Wartime Honeymoon
I met my wife in Germany
My years as an evacuee
Dinha's blitz
I found freedom
Saved from "Doodlebug"
bills war
Memories of the ww2 by Ernest Cox, living in Namur, Belgium
Making lifelong friends in Greece during the war
A Child's War Memories
Bombs hit Maidstone
A shell hits Maidstone
Foreigners on the Farm
Bomb's away
Finishing school at the break of war
Luck in WW2
Doodle Bug
School Days
Doodle Bug
Jeannie Wood's memories
A Sad Story
Living in the Country
Travelling on a troop ship
Story of an ex Desert Rat
Milking the Cows
Growing up in Winchester
One foot in the grave
The day war was declared
'Sweet' 16 was not so 'Sweet'
Doodlebugs in Hornchurch
My memories of the 18th July 1940
A Sad Event
Summer of 1940
Staney Tassells war and farm memories
Riding through the park in a raid
A Poem by Brian K Fenton
A mother’s war time memories related by her child.icon for Story with photo
Typhoons over margate
An Almoner's Tale
Cocoa and Sugar
My Story of Wartime Sevenoaks
War Memories
Me in the war
Chingford Rocket
Owls mum memories
War Memories
The War In The Weald
bomb at the ball bearing factory
My War Stories
My Wartime Childhood
Court Martial and POW escape.
Torpedoed in the Med
No place like home
A Boy's Adventure
The Unexploded Bomb
Tran Siberian Railway
Ted Smith — A Stranger’s Return
Ted Smith — Rush to the Bunker
Can you help find my twin brother?
Birthday Memories
Cpt. Ron “Wimpy” Healey — My First Night Raid in Italy
Cpt. Ron “Wimpy” Healey — Low-Level Night Raid in Italy
Cpt. Ron “Wimpy” Healey - Our End to the War
Cpt. Ron “Wimpy” Healey — Airmail the ‘Night Intruder’ Way
Cpt. Ron “Wimpy” Healey — A Post-War Crash
Raymond Wright — Bombing in Maidstone
Battersea Life
Raymond Wright — Evacuation and Doodlebugs
Raymond Wright — VE Day in Maidstone
Raymond Wright — Planes of D-Day in Maidstone
John Sweetman — Downed German Pilot in Battle of Britain
John Sweetman — School and Railway Bombed in Ashford
John Sweetman — Sea Mine in Frittenden?
John Sweetman — Rationing in Ashford
My life in the Merchant Navy
stranded in the derstert
The Seven Lights
War breaks out in Tenterden
One Exhibit:Slightly Damaged. Hendon 1940
"One small mistake
"Dunkirk - we were evacuated too"
Bombed shop and VE day memories
Mr Raymond Weeks who was evacuated.
Damson Jam Sandwiches and Cod Liver Oil.
The Only Casualty
Drunk Sir
the ordinairy, the unexpected & the terrifying
we were very young
Royal Corps of Signals - Costa Rica
The Dog Fight
A classroom incident In Chepstow
“Maggie’s War” Margaret Louise King (nee Bristow)
John’s War Memories as a Child
Joining the WAAF
The evacuation home of Olive Heath
War Experiences
Peter’s memories in Northfleet
War Life
Above Us the Waves
Soldier, Father and friend - PART 1
Soldier, Father and Friend - Part 2
London Calling
Downed Pilots in Sussexicon for Recommended story
Peter Rainer - German Crash Near Ashford
Three sisters evacuated to Yorkshire, 1940
Frank Ashley — 'Trip' to the Morrison Shelter!
Pam Bridges - A Moving Thank You 60 Years On
Pam Bridges - 14 Year Old Makes Good Target
Alan Archer — Sea Mine from the Sky in Whitstable
Alan Archer — A Close Shave for Beach Adventurers in Whitstable
Burlington Memories And Athol Bombings (Dover)
My personal recolections of the war
Kenneth Jack who was evacuated
Boy's Toy
A four year journey
A nurse's Experience of VE-Day
Olive Sherrar' s introduction to war
Olive Roots’ Dymchurch and Newchurch War Childhoodicon for Story with photo
Factory bombing
Bombed out
Tony Baker's D-Day
Schoolboy to Soldier (1)
A close shave
Prisoners of war
Schoolboy to Soldier (2)
Tony Baker's VE Day Celebrations
Dad's Army
War Childhood
Air Raid Shelters
Schooltime memories from Thelma Brown
Travelling with a typewriter during the war
An English family in occupied France
My War Runaway Marriageicon for Story with photo
Joyce Swaddle Marks — Doodlebugs in London
Dorothy Farbrace - Ramsgate, Hixon, Wolverhampton and Back Again!
Memories of the Lyminge Area
Charles “Chas” Hubble — Evacuation to Henley-on-Thames
Audrey Evans - Bombing in Sittingbourne
Douglas Elphee - Dunkirk 1940
Albert Banning — Delayed Bomb in Fawkham
Sports Day under a Dog Fight; The “Phoney War”; What to do with a Horse during an Air Raid; Shrapenel on the Golf Course
When War Broke Out — Brighton, Sussex; Rationing in 1941 — Margate, Kent; Hellfire Corner — Margate, Kent
Memories of the War Years at Hellfire Corner 1938-1945*; *pictures included
A Wedding Day
Survival in Paris
The Doodlebug
William Dell — The Liberation of Holland
The King and Queen Pass through Woodchurch
Escape from Bethnal Green
Sir Charles Jessel's War Memories
Anne Lee's wartime memories
Dad's WW2 Memories
Robert Green's war
My Uncle Sam's War
Hawkinge school evacuee
Stan Hook's D-Day
Doodlebugs, spare fuel tanks and boats!
Pam Speedy's encounter with a German bomber
Arthur Jacobs' War Time memories
Doreen Jacobs War Time Memories
My war runnaway marriage
Kathleen Mckenzie’s Snapshots of WW2
Joan Coleman's Hertfordshire war
From Training to Action
The battle for Regalbuto Ridge
The Blitz would not even stop for Christmas
The picnic that never happened
A night at the Theatre
Sunday roast
Death threat
Delayed in post
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Lost trousers
Hellfire Avenue
Lifeboat duties
Christine Pledger's part in liberarting the Channel Islands
Sticky Bombs verses Tanks
Frederick Guess — Home Guard in Hunton
John Greener — ARP, LDV, Army, Intelligence — A Full Experience!
Lost Trousers
Men and Horses
Reynaud and Churchill
Sitting Casualties
Sunday Roast
War in the Fields
Evacuation - Third Time Lucky
Mustard Wedding
Food Rationing
'Laundered Money'
A Child's Eye View of those First Few Days
A Lucky Escape for a Black Cat In Folkestone
Hitler coming through the trap door in Ramsgate
Tangled in the Chicken Wire
A Bus Route of Bombers
Hitting the Deck
Thanks on a Shovel
A Cat's Tale
Barrage Balloons at Bay
Barrage Balloons at Bayicon for Story with photo
Fire Engine In Action
Locked Under the Stairs
A Pilot's Breakfast
Doodlebugged in my bedroom
Broadditch Farm
Life in Swanscombe
War Years Through Tiny Eyes
memories of Taunton Road, Kent
Shelter in the tube staions
Shirley Lazerus — A Scare in Dover
Jennifer Tilbee - Evacuated to Oxford
Norman Woodhams — ‘Penshurst Airfield’, Emergency Landing Strip
Soldiers Return
Life in Shepherdswell
Service life in Crete
I found freedom
Farnborough in Kent
Secret Signal Box
V E day Singalong
Hereson Road in Wartime
Rosemary Longley — Sirens at School
Edwin Knott — A Uniform Incident
John Fennell - A Ration Swap Arrangement
Walter Fuller — Across the Rhine
Food for Heroes
Grey Wedding
Drilling in the Drill
Free in Brussels
Sorrow on VE Day -- Joy on VJ Day
An Embarassing Injury, and an Embarassing Mistake
Green Bananas
On Yer Bike!
Bringing in the Washing
With a Teatowel to War
The Wisdom of Animals
Burnt Onions
Trouble on the Trainicon for Story with photo
Horsey Adventures
A First Born Sonicon for Story with photo
A Terrible Telegramicon for Story with photo
Land Army Fashionicon for Story with photo
A Black Child in Englandicon for Story with photo
Love at first sight in Dovericon for Recommended storyicon for Story with photo
D Day in Normandy
Doodle Bugs in Europe
Formation of the WAAFS and ATS
Barrage Balloons
Gas Masks
Panic in the Bar
School in Folkestone during the War
Normandy Landing
Home Guard Days
The Innocence of a RAMC Soldier
Return of the Brave
Memories of Travelling Around
Inspecting Jacks
Burlington Bombings and Athol Memories Part 2
Rationing and Dining Out During the War
William Edmed - A Driver's War of Waiting
A Doodlebug Birthday
Anthea Hammond — Tanks in Cobham
Roy Henley — Bombs Interrupt Abbot & Costello
Colin Gowman — A Positive Evacuee Experienceicon for Recommended story
Bombs in London
Ronald Deamer — Crater on the Old Kent Road
Ronald Deamer — Doodlebug Tipping
A Canadian's Experience of War
War Thoughts, to a lifetime in Television
Harry Arnold George Garrett’s Army Memories
One Very Big Bang
The Heavy Artilleryicon for Recommended story
Life in St Pauls Cray
Salisbury of Salisbury
Hands up!
They were talking out of the iwndow when...
Evacuated to London!
Meeting Dad
Unwelcome in Wales!
Lulled to Sleep By Planesicon for Story with photo
My Thoughts at the age of Three
Bombed Five Times
Gas Mask Guineau Pig
Snow on my Blanket
Smelling the Gas!
Air Raid Mistake
Watching the Germans
A Happy Evacuee
Lizzie's Last Journeyicon for Story with photo
Ramsgate's Secret Tunnels
Mother Being Chased
My Memories of War
From Teenage to Majority
Daddy Come Home
Tug on the Thames
Killed at Eighteen
A Clapped out B24 Nassau UK 1945
Home in a Great Coat
Beating the Bosh
Meeting Dad
Watching the Doodlebugs
Keen Police!
Not being Evacuated
Terrible Sights for a Child
An Unexploded Bomb!
Thanked and Thanked Againicon for Story with photo
Praying for the Convoys from Dover's Cliff Edge
Blind Date at Dover Castle Gates
Dethroned in Dover
Two Christmas Dinners in Holland
Selection for Bletchley Park Station X
Bletchley Park Story of a code breaker
Evacuee's journey
Bob Biggs Codebreaker The day I helped the US gain revenge for Pearl Harbour
Operation Epsom (26 June 1944/30 June 1944)
My Evacuation
As I Grew Up
Private Eileen Beehan
Grandad, Jim Law's memories - 1934 - 45
A Damp Air-Raid
Walking out with the Wounded
Dorothy Beken — Evacuation Memories
Bryan Burchmore — Shrapnel Collecting in Hastings
Outbreak Of War
Edward “Ted” Burton — Transport Mission Surprise
Basket of Incendiary Bombs
Going to War in a Matchbox
Those Were the Days
My Time in the NAFFI
Ray Keat's Life in Dover as a Child
Wartime Interlude
Memories from Garlinge
A Sharp End To A Night Air Raid.
Few Bumps in the Night/Bath Time in the Wrens
Memories of Time in Land Army West Mersea
An Unexploded shock
A Minor Incident
Quick thinking and sharp shooting.
Deal Station, The day the train wheel came through the house.
A bruised blast
Dried Eggs
An eight legged surprise
Sunday Lunch
The Familiar Sound
VE Day
Forget us Not - A Poem for VE DAY
A Snapshot from the 39/45 War in Kent
Able Seaman Nuisance RN
My Tragic Journey
Town to Country and Back Again
Growing up during WW2
Evacuated to Cilgarren from Hythe
Air Raids in Essex
The War 1939-1945
Child of War
Some Childhood Memories of the Second World War
My Experience as a Land Girl
How lucky can you be?
My War in North Birmingham
School canteen ceiling falls down
A Traumatic Night in Canterbury
A Wing and Some Prayers
The Bomb That Cost Grandad a Round!
Hard Memories of Evacuation
Scrubbing at the Docks
Voyage to Durban
Ahford's North School Secretary
Playful Reminiscences
An Explosive Birth
A Willesborough Garden
German POWs in Ashford, Kent
Waving to the Wrong Guys
From Rural Idyll to the Bombs of Dagenham
Doodlebug at Quill Bridge
Scarmbled to Safety
My Quiet Dis-Quiet
A Good Stew for the Searchlight Crew
Farm Bombings
While Dad Was Away
Small Boats and Large Loaves
The Hesketh Park Plane Crash
Watching Troops From the Playground
Sneaking a Peak at the Dogfights
Nine Hours From the Bombs
War Comes to School
Life on the Move
My Brother Raymond and HMS Exeter
Car Crash That Saved My Life
Motorcycle Romance
War in Lancashire
Wartime in the Bakehouse
A Different War
My Rationing Hardship
Early Memories
Valerie Cook's War (aged 3 - 9)
The Night Time Forgot
Grandad's War on the Farm - part 1
Grandad's War on the Farm - part 2
Grandad's War on the Farm - part 3
Clippy Janet Married My Friend!
Playing Football in Hong Kong
The Thunderbolt.
Ack Ack Guns Got Our own
Bombing The Light Railway in New Romney
Raid on Lydd Airport
They Bombed My Lodgings!
Under Miss Fielding's Table
Have You Got Any Gum Chum?
No Shoes
The Doctor Who Scarred Me.
The Spinning Top Hand Grenade
Under The Bridge With My Mum
Italian Prisoner of War? Or My Cat?
Avoiding Mines On Boulogne Beach
Ridiculous Risky Rescue
The First V2
Finding A Live Bomb Was A Trophy.
John Long's War
A Snippet Of My Life
A Journey to Lincolnshire in 1940
Twins' Memories of the War Years
A WAAF In the Secret Service
A WAAF In the Secret Service
Shooting through the window
Memories of a Navigator Bomb Aimer
My experience as a Bevin Boy
Bombs Over Tunbridge Wells
Bombs Over Tunbridge Wells
A Child's experience of bombs in Penge
We will not surrender
Story of my days in the WAAFS
Jaundice Saved My Life
Watch It Jack!
The Day War Broke Out
On The Edge Of A Crater
Won't You Please Oblige Us With A Bullet
Won't You Please Oblige Us With A Bullet
Different Kind Of Night Life
Let Me Out Of Here!
Train Tipped In Dunton Green
Hateful Heavy Hot Mattresses In The Blitz
Our House Was Flattened In the Night
From One Bombed House To Another
Taught By Nuns
Swimming In Dover Harbour During The First Air Raid
I Was One Of Churchill's Immatures
Happy Italian POWs Singing English Songs
End Of War; What Do You Celebrate With?
And Then There Was One In Conte Carlo
City Children On A Kent Country Farm
The Shrapnel Took All His Clothes In Romney Marsh
Setting Fire to His Own Plane
Our Tenterden Tin Roof Opened And Shut!
The Life Saving Corner Stone
Poor Sheep
Doodlebug Chicks
Mistake In The Blackout!
Leslie Harris's war
Escape from Dunkirk
Doodle Bugs
Peter Wood's Wartime Memories
Wartime Memories
A happy evacuee
Stories of a German Naval Officer
Flying with a Swordfish
Life in the Wrens
The Menace of the bombs
The Channel Dash Heroes Part 1
The Channel Dash Heroes Part 2
Experiences of War
War Experiences
Evacuated From South London To Kent
Evacuee in Paddock Wood 1939 to 1945
Sardines In A Canterbury Anderson Shelter
Canterbury Destroyed
If I’m Going To Die With My Children It’ll Be In My Home
VE Day For A Lad In Canterbury
Close Those Lights!
Windows Blown Onto My Cot
Dancing Lights to The Vibrations of The Guns
When The Engine Cut Out, You Knew Someone Was Going To Cop It
My Green Pedal Car
How To Feed A Family On Rations
Shovelling Down Dried Milk In the Cupboard
Death Before Dishonour
Feeling Rough Under Ground
The Sheppey Light
My Lovely War
Cheering The Landing Craft
Wondering About Charlie Balham
Black Crosses
Staircase In My Head
Boys In a Soldier's Hospital
Evacuated to Chichester
When The Messerschmitt Came
The Morning Collection
Unlucky In Wimbledon
Under Fire At The Age Of Seven
Sky Full Of Aircraft
Lights In The Streets Again
Sharing Canadian Food In Nutley Garageicon for Story with photo
Saved From Nutley Cherry Tree By Auxillary Fire Serviceicon for Story with photo
Shelled Cows In Nutleyicon for Story with photo
G.I. Brides In Nutley
Canadian Christmas Presents For Nutley Children
Austrian Refugee In Nutley
Turned Down For WAAF Because Of My Teeth
Operation Overlord
Tin Hats To The showers!
Cockroaches Milling Around Like Picadilly Circus
Thousand Bomber Raid
Christmas With WAAF In Ghent
German Crosses On FW 190
My Knees Knocked From Fright
A Lift In Queen Mary's Rolls Royce
No Food Or Water On Board For Three and A Half Days
Week Long Shindig With The Americans
Look What A Wonderful Job I Have Done On This Chap's Nose!
Meeting My Wife
Happiness That Being Wounded Meant He Came Home
The Benefits Of Being Milk Monitor!
Worrying About Mum
What Was It All For?
Thanks To The American Bombers For The Lift Home!
Alfred Mather. Gunner. Royal Artilleryicon for Story with photo
Our House Had Gone
Burma-1944 to 1948
The First V1 Over Rusthallicon for Story with photo
First Unexploded Bomb In Tunbridge Wells
Thin Evacuees
If We Get Hit We Will All Be Together And Die Together
After The Screaming Noise Stopped
Seeing Dad
A Merchant Navy Survivor Part 1
Compassionate Leave
Merchant Navy Survivor Part 2
Sir Charles Jessel's war memories
Knitting for the Armed Forces.
Wartime Food
Hurricane Over Withyham
Arnhem, The Blackest Moment Of My Life
Courier To General Eisenhowericon for Story with photo
Biography and War stories of a Pilot in the Far East 1945-46
Life Between School And The Army
Assembling Lorries In The Persian Gulf
Two Lorries, One Driver To Russia
Skeletons In Tanks
My Prize, My wife
Bombs Hanging Above Bomb Shelter
Take Cover Under The Tables
Memories of a war-time PV Wren
Getting Married At Our Own Risk
Knocked Unconscious In Newton, Dartford
Standing At The Bottom Of Hartlip Hill
Horsey, Horsey, Don't You Stop.
She Pinched Me In Bed
New Digs For Unhappy Evacuee
Digging For Victory In Southend On Sea
Extra Coupons For Big Feet
Shoot Up
Eleanor and Clementine
Was It A German Intelligence Mistake?
Born In Burma
People Evacuating To India
Trekking To Escape Japanese
End of the War Announced in Burma
Returning To England From Burma At The End Of War
Arriving To England From Burma
Buzz Bomb Attack
Second Buzz Bomb Attack
Thames River Buses
Our Air Raid Shelter
Being Bombed Out
Wrong Address
Adventures on Dartford Heath
Missed Opportunity For Bullet Search
Paraffin Burners For Smoke Screens
Anti-Radar Christmas Decorations
A Wartime Childhood Experience
Church Bell; Incase Of Invasion
War in the Royal Engineers.
Hot and Bothered in a Gas Mask
Comfy Shelter In Strood
Saved By A Policeman On Strood High Street
Time Bomb at the Sportsman's Pub
Devastation at Hayward Avenue
Dog Fight Over Strood
Enemy Boy Pilot

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