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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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BBC Southern Counties Radio
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Welcome to the People's War Stories page for BBC Southern Counties Radio.

Many thanks to everyone who has shared their memories with our volunteers either at our events, or by sending them into the Radio Station.

We will be making sure that all the memories are put onto the website by the end of December 2005. The website will not be accepting any more stories after this date.

If you have a wartime story that you want to share please make sure you send it to the address below before the 2nd December.

People's War Team

BBC Southern Counties

40-42 Queens Road



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Stories contributed by BBC Southern Counties Radio

My Fourth Birthday
A Sad Payday in Kent
“If We're going to get Killed, I’d Rather We were all Killed Together.”
The Night St Paul’s Escaped the Blitz
Worcestershire welcomes Clacton's children.
“All hell let loose” at RAF Station Kenley August 1940icon for Story with photo
Filling Sandbags with the Firemen
"The plane flew so low I could see the markings."
"I soon learnt what cows and bulls got up to."
"I was so frightened I nearly wet my drawers"
"I Saw How The Other Half of the World Lives"
"I Was Shoved Face Down in the Muck"
"I Had Muscles Like Popeye"
"I have never cycled up the hill so fast."
The Army’s Youngest Recruit in Southwater
Dunkirk — Digging Out Shrapnel and Amputating Limbs
A Banner of Bombs
Only Four Cards in Four POW Years
Potato picking in Gloucestershire
The Healthiest Children in the Street
One Peaceful Sunday Morning...
It Took Me Three and a Half Hours to get Homeicon for Story with photo
I Always had My Tin Hat and a Gas Mask
Windowless in Newhaven
"No Windows, No Doors"
The Bombing of St Cuthman's
I Performed before the King and Queen
A Snake Hole in Madagascar
The First London Air Raid
A Starlit Romance
My Best Birthday Present Ever
A Bright Spot
Incendiaries — and the most frightening night of my life.
The radio that walked as well as talked!
Dorothy Parker Wartime Wedding Receptions
Explosive shopping trip
Mentioned in Dispatches
Brighton Blarney
Little pots of sugar and butter
Fruit from afar
Dorothy Parker's V.E. Day 8th May 1945
Bob Newton's first job
A Shattering Lunchtime
Mum said I went a funny grey colour
My VJ Day Proposal
A Brighton Boy's War Diary November 1940icon for Story with photo
A Brighton Boy's War Story, December 1940
A Brighton Boy's Wartime Diary January 1941
A Brighton Boy's Wartime Diary February 1941
“What a lovely little pink girl”
Canaries - The Great Escape
Old Soldier
People's War Mini Podicon for Story with photo
Harry Cowley
Mrs Collison Washing Day
Monica’s Lucky Dinner
Evacuated to Western-Super-Mare Somerset
His Majesties Motor Gun Boat No. 21 part 1
His Majesties Motor Gun Boat No. 21 Part 2
His Majesties Motor Gun Boat No. 21 Part 3
His Majesties Motor Gun Boat No. 21 Part 4
From Heritage to Need
The Gentle Giant
One woman - 3,000 troops.
A lovely cup of tea!
Sleeping Beauty
The disappearing shoes.
What's a What Not?
Death by Tractor
Close encounter with a Junkers 88
Sugar Mountain
'Shoot the child, then yourself'
Nick Tucker meets POWs on a train
The Tuckers go to Hastings
Being a Pacifist
The Flag in the Garden
We weathered the storm !
Near Misses
The man in the red stripe suit
Hampshire's War
The Indomitable Parrot
The Bombing of the Odeon Cinema, Brighton
Flying out P.O.W.s and Flying in Bailey Bridges
Bombers ready to go explode in accident
Orphanage Avoids Doodlebug
A Misinterpretation
Shopping at Twickenham Green
An Unpleasant and unforgettable memory
Armadale Road 1943
Walking on hot coals
Love Thine Enemyicon for Recommended story
Why am I an "Only child"-part 2
Old Sailor
Staying in Norfolk
Two at One Blowicon for Recommended story
Rosemary's father returns - a stranger no more
Wartime plane crash on Epsom racecourse
The Day War Broke Out
Don’t touch things you know nothing about
Christmas Day in Changi, Singapore 1941
B24 Liberator crashes on Chichester Laundry
VE Day celebrations in London
Wartime plane crash on Epsom Downs
Spitfires and Messerschmidts Over Chichester
The last flying bomb to hit Eastbourne
First Aid in Iver Cottage Hospital
The shape of things to come.
1940: conscripted into the ATS
Wearing the trousers
1940: conscripted into the ATS
How Alf Burtman served in the Merchant Navy & the Army
Building Bridges
Any Old Iron!!
Women in War
The Removal Man’s Rescue
Eastbourne 1939-45icon for Story with photo
The Bombing of Croydon Airport
Air Raids in Harrow and Area
Ealing Memories
We want air Gunners
Air Raids in Harrow
Close Encounter with a Doodlebug
Waving Them Home
The bad boys of Happy Valley!
Uncle Sid
At Christs Hospital School
Kingscote Capers
The story of Francis Wait Born 6 June 1939
Hop picking at Manor Park
Dora’s Molotov Basket
Jim Miles in Dunkirk
Soldiers' arrogance
Trapped in the Coal Cellar
Wartime Memories Mrs Irene Woodgate
15 years old
Tour De France 1940
Married 1943
Finding a Live Hand Grenade Four Years after the War Ended
Memories from West Ewell
Wartime memories in Gravesend Kent
Life in Norfolk
Wartime memories from age 7-14
Childhood Memories of World War II
Chiswick London and Broadstairs Kent during the War.
War Memories of the King and Queen
The Empty Places
Captured by Communists in Greece: 1943
The Doodle Bug Boys
My life in the WRNS
"This One's For Us!"
HMS King George V — Operational Flag Ship of the British Pacific Fleet 1945
No Fixed Abode: My Evacuation Story
Child to Cadet
The First Flying Bomb to Hit London
The Day I Lost My "Bottom Drawer"
Where is the Missing Bomb?
Bananas, tomaytoes , custard and Christmas cake
Say a Prayer
John's Lucky Escape
Suspended Morrison Shelter
Where is the Missing Bomb?
My time at Hawkers and a lucky escape at the Battle of Britain
The Anderson Shelter
Evacuees (Garibaldi Biscuits)
Wartime Experiences of Mollie Northen
The fun I had in the war
The Incident of the Bird's Survival
Liberating Stalag 10b war camp near Hamburg
Churchill At The Ritz
Alfred Beazley-Long
My school-boy war years
Charlie's Two-shillings
Missed Me
First Assault on Sword Beach
Short Brothers
Burst Frogs and a Split Appendix
Countryside culture shock
Anson ’plane crash on Epsom racecourse
Doodlebug near Links Road, Epsom
The Story of Biddy Burgum (B. 14th August 1927)
Belgian Refugees at Hastings Harbour
Wartime Wanderings
Unforgotten memories; my wartime childhood
Holidays in Wartime
The Angels Saved Him
A Regal performance
The underground shelter on the Downs
Machine Gunned in Oaklands Lane, Biggin Hill
A Milkgirl's Tale of Luck
German Parachutist in Convent School Grotto
Some Lucky Escapes
Flying Bomb V1 (Doodlebug) disrupts delivery
Hiding in the Butchers!!
A Child's Memories
The Last Banana
The Bomb that dropped in for Tea
The Disappearing Fried Egg!!
Holidays at Homeicon for Story with photo
My Lovely War
Experience in Italy, North Africa and Palestine
Evacuation - Sent from pillar to post
Peter's story
Granny's Close Chave
Childhood in Wartime India
Saved by Penicillin!
When the Japs came to Vizag, India
My Sanctuary, The Farm
Lucky Jim
Love at First Sight
Only 16 and I had a Browning automatic rifle
The Doodlebug
Mikes Evacuation
An A.R.P Warden in Stoke Newington
A Boy's War
The Barrage Balloon Girl
George the Messenger. Eastbourne at Waricon for Story with photo
A German Faux Pas!
My Wartime Experiences in the London Blitz 1939 /1945.
War Memories in Littlehampton, Sussex
Bevan boy to pilot
Three Times Lucky
The smokescreen of D Day
Rosemary Goes to Wales
An explosion of milk
Disappearance of a Wimbledon street
Life in the Women's Land Army
Bombs in Camberley
A sooty adventureicon for Story with photo
Sundays in London Colney (1)
London Colney (2) - seeing planes and VE Day
A dressing down from General Wavell
I wondered when I would see the Downs again
A Six-Week Journey that Never got us Home
A Chilly Dorset winter
Two little girls under attack
My thoughts from Hangleton
The Yanks Race to the Doodlebug explosion site
My Role as a Balloon Operator
Evacuation To Mansfield
Advance to Mandalay
Surrender in the Name of the King!icon for Recommended story
From Desert Days to the Green Green Grass of Home
The British Raj in India
A Sister's Pride
A Lucky Day for Us
The Day I Bunked Off School
Childhood Memories in Sidcup,Chislehurst Caves and Felpham
Ilkley Moor
The Good News and the Bad News
My Very Own Dad's Army
Wartime in Wivelsfield Greenicon for Story with photo
A Spy thought to have come from the Doomed Aircraft
Please God let it keep going
1939 and Growing Up
The Whole of the House was Ablaze with Lights
A Responsible Person had to be Found
The Beckford Family’s Storyicon for Story with photo
Working in My Fathers Shop
My life in the ATSicon for Story with photo
Dusting off war time memories
A Girl Grows Up in War Yearsicon for Story with photo
We Ran aground with the Generals on Board!icon for Story with photo
Breakfast with a friend and then go to his funeral in the afternoonicon for Story with photo
My VE Day Birthday Fireworks
The bombing of Sound City
The scattering of Convoy PQ.17
Deafening Silence of the Listening Station
The Stolen Sheep
My tube journey to work
The green liqueur
A Child’s Perspective of the Air Raids
Working at the Cabinet War Rooms
Pink Dressing Gown
Atlanitic Convoys
Perspex Ring
Purple Pansy
Reminiscences of an Eventful Voyage
Train to Lincoln
An Evacuee
Memories from Southwick, West Sussex 1940-42
Chance encountericon for Story with photo
Moving to Leicester
Playing at Selsy Bill
V 2 over Westminster
Wartime Memories of Robert Field Part 1
Wartime Memories of Robert Field Part 2
War Crimesicon for Recommended story
Some of My Memories ofWW2
War Memories
Reminiscences of a Timbergillicon for Story with photo
Memories of wartime Gosport
Memories of a Wartime Teenager
Thank you Horse Daisies
First Aid in Iver Cottage Hospital
Life in the Bag
Reminiscences of War Time
Why am I an only child?
The Evacuation
I Received an Invitation
A Night I Shall Never Forget
The memories of Mr. Charles Albert Colburn of the Years 1939 to 1945
Dorothy's Evacuee Story
My Eventful Non-Evacuation in Littlehampton
Lewis's Evacuation
Kathleen's Story
Bill wanted his Tea
Clifford meets Roy Rogers
Geoffrey and the bus
Tea tasting in Shoreditch
Roy's near misses
The Harrison Brothers Chance Meeting
Laurence's mystery plane
Surviving a V2 (and a Tsunami!)
Giving Tea to the Soldiers Returning from Dunkirk
Father letting the Bomb blast in
Watching the First Doodlebug Land
Handing out Chocolate to the Evacuees
The Crash of Hudson 3a in Portugal
Torpedoed on the Scythia
Joyce's Everyday Routine
The Terrifying Tractor Trail
Coke saves the day.
Daddy where are you?
Shooting in the dark.
Leonora the Dispatch Rider
From Richmond to Egypt via Blackpool
A Battersea Evacuee's Story
I remember
Phyllis's Threshing
Don's Doughnuts
Memories of a Bevin-Boy, My First Days in the Mines.
Grandmother's Surprise
“The Tirpitz and Other Stories”
“The Entertainers”
“Some Fleet Air Arm Memories”
A SAPPER'S STORY - 1939 TO 1945
Journey with the Medical Corp
A survivor
From Bari to the Far East, and the sounds of Glenn Miller
Humour in War
Bombers over Warnham
21st Birthday Cake in the Morrison Shelter
An Evacuee from London
Over the Downs
Training for the R.A.F.
"I can see the stars" and Evacuation
Invasion of Colwyn Bay
Some Excitement in Plumstead
A Leg at Each Corner
Vesuvius Rest Camp
Tea First, Bomb Disposal Second!
Shooting Starts
Ambulance Driver Elsie - F.A.N.Y.
Woe Betide Us If We Were Late!
Famous pianist plays at 'Saint Nics'
My Evacuation to Newmarket and leaving London for good
The Richardson sisters — their evacuation to the Tills in Worthing
A doodlebug dives on Marler Road, Forest Hill
Naval service in West Africa
The Thousand-bomber Raids
Unwavering love for my prisoner-of-war
Finding new families and missing my mum - an evacuee's story
The war from the other side
Hugh Rank's Wartime Story
A Lucky Day
The Tearful Goodbye
Sworn to Secrecy
Tonsils out when evacuated to More Place, Betchworth, Surrey
Doodlebug in leafy Croydon, Surrey
Coping with Bad News
A Dose of Epsom Saltsicon for Recommended story
All for a Lemon in Sicily
The Small Vessels Pool
Diana Fountain
Allen West's bombed
my father refused to leave his house
A Few Feet Between Life and Death
The lads saved us
No Fish, but Lives Saved
Gas masks and saucepans
Come Into My Mind (poem)
The only Jewish girl in the school
Bombed in my pram
A Fragrant Cottage
African Artifacts
Eggs from Poland
Next One’s For Us!
Machine-gunned by a Spitfire
Absolute chaos
You’d dive under your desk
The blitz in Manchester
A goat called Glamour Girl
Schoolboys and Bombs
lights out at 7.00
The pianist just kept on playing
Gruesome find
The build-up to war
Liverpool Alight
Air Raid Warnings in Canterbury
Poster Propaganda
Standing alone, putting a brave face on it
Saved by a hat
Gone with the Wind
My Brother Fred
I can't find my shoes
Rationing and Restaurants
The bombing of my school in Catford
A Wartime Italian in Londonicon for Story with photo
Travels with the Indian Army
The day war broke out
No time to get to the shelter
Several buildings were destroyed
Each classroom had its own shelter
Billeted in Olympia
Talking Shop
He'd packed Douglas Bader’s new false legs
A Shop Girl in Hove
Bartering for food
A Foundling's War Memoriesicon for Story with photo
Boxes for Bodies
Singing to the Troops
A Lucky Barge
Thanks to a Kilt
A Kaleidoscope of Memories
From Outbreak to VE
A Wartime Diary 1940-41 (Part 1)icon for Story with photo
A Wartime Diary 1940-41 (Part 2)icon for Story with photo
The Day the Russians Came
A Tribute to Graham Walker (Poem)
Battersea Bombing
A Sailor's Menu
From "Gofer" to Gonner!
The first day of the War.
A Close Encouter on the Way to the Shop
Still Best Friends
"Counting in the Bombers"
"Not all Black and White"
My Experience as a POW
When I Stared into the eyes of a German Pilot
The Blast of a Doodlebug
Tractor Driver Betty - Part 1 (1941-1943)icon for Story with photo
Tractor Driver Betty - Part 2 (1943-1949)icon for Recommended storyicon for Story with photo
14 Year Old Mary's Evacuation Letters.Part1
Brooke Bond Tea for Thousands
Going to the Palace on VJ day
Prisoner of War in India.
A German in the kitchen.
In the Thick of it with Churchill
Evelyn's Story
My Air-raid Siren
Alton, Hampshire at War
A Wales Evacuation
The Evacuee
Wounded by Friendly Fire
Birth in a Bomb Blast
Night Raid in Brighton
Eastbourne At War
Messenger Boys
The Missing Underwear
Spitfires protect desending parachutist
Wartime Wedding Receptions
The Strafing of Battle Road School
Flying Bombs Over Hailsham
Wartime in Domestic Service
Christmas in the Cellar
A Narrow Escape
Guests of the Bishop
Repatriation in 1942
Missing lessons to help with the war effort
Airfield Incendiaries
Adventures of a Land Army Girl in Sussex
Guns, Bombs and Rhubarb and Custard
Lining up for Dday in Dorset
A Wedding Party in an Air Raid
Peter Sarah’s Memories of Evacuation to Hendra Farm in Stithians, Cornwall
James Linsell’s Memories of Evacuation from Tattersalls, Knightsbridge
Conscientious Objectors meet the Inniskillen Dragoon Guardsicon for Recommended story
Evacuated to Liverpool with brother John
As much Treacle Pudding as we could eat!
Bombed in the School Clinic
Charged by a Bull
Escape from Dunkirk
Back to (the) Front
The Unpredicted Predictor
It was Worth Waiting For
Three Very Lucky Escapes
Good Neighbours Good Friends
From Stepney to Safety
A Farmer's View of Bombing Raids
Two Schools and Three Moves in 18 Months
Raids, Roneo and Rats
THE CAT KNEW BEFORE WE DIDicon for Recommended story
Sharing our school during WWII
A Naval Nurse with artistic flair
Bombed kitten
Air Raid Monday morning 11.08 29th March 1943
Seeing a mattress hanging out of a window
I left school on my 14th birthday
While they were making a noise you were OK
I joined the ARP
The Trials of Food Production
Evacuation — A Lesson for Life
“Fields of Sorrow” (poem)
The Day I Forgot My Gas Mask
The Day I looked into the eyes of a German Pilot
D-Day - The Long Goodbye
Quiet Courage
Taking cover under our schooldesks
A Reargunner's Tale
remember, remember the 5th November...
Joining Up
A woman in a man's world.
Internment in Shanghai
Under the Viaduct
Mum's Custard Powder
I couldn't do what I wanted
The Best Gerry Could Do
The Bomb and the Egg
Near miss in the Med
The Outbreak of War
Lorne- The Canadian Soldier
Three Sisters
Things were very hard
Grub at Last
The Joys of Wartime Travel
My First Encounter with the Luftwaffe
Evacuation at Midnight
Folkestone at War
A letter from Mrs Churchill
"After" (A poem)
Nursing in Burma
Doodle-bug Diversion
Julie Allen's War Memories of an Infant
My days as a 'Tweeny' for RH Miss Pakenham
Dr Flying Officer Clark I Presume?
Guests of the Bishop of Chichester
Joining Up
Luneberg at the end of the War
By Appointment
Prisoner of War
Pease Pudding
Stubborn Soldier
Life on the Wards
Doodlebug gets Doris’s Sweet shop in Tooting
Working in the Landarmy in Forest Hall
“Why’s Gran got a hundred eyes?”
The Queen Mother Loves her Gin and Tonic!
The Rescue of the Tea Cosy
LONDON to LAND ARMYicon for Story with photo
My two years in Undy
A real display of flying skill!
Leaving Links Road School - Maureen Blakey’s Memories of an Evacuee 1
Mickey Mouse in a gas mask? Maureen Blakey’s Memories of an Evacuee 2
Sorting out the Evacuees at Goring-by-sea, Maureen Blakey’s Memories of an Evacuee 3
Smells of Dad and pipe tobacco, Maureen Blakey’s Memories of an Evacuee 4
A running commentary of Air Raids, Maureen Blakey’s Memories of an Evacuee 5
The only girl in school! Evacuated again Maureen Blakey’s Memories of an Evacuee 6
The War starts at 6
The Doodlebugs
Everybody suddenly started singing
Wartime Neighbours
Whitehawk came up trumps!
Athens and Piraeus were suddenly bombed and strafed
Eric Marchant - Capture and life as a POW working in labour camps
Eric Marchant - Prisoner of War working in labour camps
Action at Last
Grandma’s War, by Will Clark
Scarlet Fever in South Africa
A Bomb In Muswell Hill
My Poor Thumb
Missing Presumed Dead in Plymouth
If You Require A Mistress Please Ring
Audrey's Straw Hat
Midnight Crash in a Wellington Aircraft
Taking the Medical Officer for a Spin
A Secret Mission to Alderney
Doodlebugs and Socks!
A Dunkirk Survivor
Two Brothers Meet
For Johnny: A Remembrance of the Battle of Britain (Poem)
Family Memories of The War
The Anderson Shelter
Meeting My Dad
The Wellington and Dungaree Brigade
Peace in Wartime
The Evacuees
Visitors from Overseas
The Fire
An Embarrassing Inspection
Benevolent Airmen
A Desert Rat at El Alameinicon for Story with photo
The excitement of the War
Working on a farm in 1940
Mulberry Harbour at D-Day
A Bowler Hat
My Night to Remember- The Sinking of the HMS Rawalpindi
Anyone for Blood?
An Air Raid
When Excitement Became Fear
The W.D. Three-Ton Bedford and I
Yes we won, but at what cost
Home and Away
Enemy in the Sky?
Bombed at Lazaretto
A Short Break in Transmission
The War Years and The Coal Mines
A Boy and his Bicycle
Aboard the Orion
A Snake in My Bed
A Difficult Trek
Under Fire at Katha
"Where's my Orange?"
Lucky Escapes
Air Raids in Strood
A World without War
Early Days in Wartime A.T.S.
It All Depends on Me
When War Was Declared
Evacuee (Poem)
Life in the Land Army
My War and Beyond: Liberation in Europe
Polish Town Drohiczyn to Bedford England Avoiding Siberia
A WORKING MAN'S WARicon for Story with photo
The good and bad times of World War Two — apple pies, bread pudding, my sister playing the accordian in the local pubs to entert
Child's Recollection of WW2 in Brighton
Machine Gunned by a ME110
How I became a navigator
Entertaining the Sheffield Troops — the beginning of the Denys Edwards Playersicon for Story with photo
Loss Without Notice
Life in the WRNS at Hellfire Corner
If The Invader Comes
Holding the Line in Mayfair
The Green Lagonda Car
Life as part of the crew of a Stirling Bombericon for Story with photo
His Name Was John Dancey
The Thousand Kilometre Walk Part One
The Thousand Kilometre Walk Part Two
A near miss at London Bridge Signal Box
From the RAF to the Navy - Adventures of a Morse Code Operator
Adventures of a young Wireless Operator at sea
Typhoons Blowing
Eye to Eye with Friend and Foe
Gas Works at Snodlandicon for Story with photo
How to Stay Married in Wartime
Always on the Move
Peter Thorp's childhood memories of the war
Horrible evacuation to Devon
My excuse for being late to school
The Day Hitler Tried to Kill Me - Twice!
Selling Bombs as Souvenirs
Life in the Anderson Shelter
Sleeping Shelters and the end of the War
Cuckfield's War
The end and the aftermath: Scapa Flow, Orkney
Bang Went my Chances of Becoming a Field Marshal
Chaos at the Sicily landings, July 1943icon for Story with photo
He was One of the Best
A Sunday Afternoon "Relaxation", 1942
A London Clippie's Day
Death of an Airman
The war was a huge adventure for us children
A Bevin Boy's First Doodlebug
Westerhope Wartime Childhood
The night we were bombed out
A Croydon Wartime Childhood
Chapter 1: Leaving England (a sweet story!)icon for Story with photo
Chapter 2: Cattle truck to Tunisia
Chapter 3: No food, no water, no nothing!
Chapter 4: Then came the order: ‘Fix bayonets!’
Chapter 5: The ground became alive with German soldiers!
Chapter 6: From Tunis to Naples
Chapter 7: Ragged, dirty, unshaven - they were the men from the 8th Army
Chapter 8: Another camp further up the Adriatic
Chapter 9: I’d never heard of it, Auschwitz!
Chapter 10: The guards said: ‘That is Himmler!’icon for Story with photo
Chapter 11: The bombing startedicon for Story with photo
Chapter 12: Killed by our own bombsicon for Story with photo
Chapter 13: I realised I couldn’t go on!
Chapter 14: Shot for pilfering!
Chapter 15: A horse-drawn sleigh in the snow
Chapter 16: Another camp, another Polish home
Chapter 17: The train to Czestochowa
Chapter 18: Waiting for this ship to come to take us away
Chapter 19: Laying in the gutter!

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Rose Hall's memoirs
Operation Vigorous

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