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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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Ipswich Museum
User ID: U901854

During October and November 2004, the BBC Peoples War Roadshow came to Ipswich, where it was located in Ipswich Museum and the Suffolk Institute of Technology.

A range of communty events were help at which local people were encouraged to contribute their memories and stories from the war years.

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Neal Wreford

Stories contributed by Ipswich Museum

Not Another Bombing
The Missing Sweet Ration Book
Fun on an Aircraft Carrier
Bury St Edmunds during the War
Service in the Suffolk Royal Engineersicon for Recommended story
Doodlebug Attack on Melton, St Audry's.
Journey into the Unknown for 'Children's Dunkirk'.
A Farming Wartime at Hemingstone, Suffolk.
War Time Stories at Framlingham.
Bures, Sudbury, Ammunition Trains
Battle of Britain from Epping Forest
The London Blitz, Times Fire Brigade.
Rings From Aircraft Glass
An Explosion at Ransomes, Ipswich.
Evacuation to Wales from Liverpool
Bramford at War
Breaking the Blackout
The Price of a Lost House
Hello Tom
Making Do
With the WAAF in Yarmouth
Waste Not Want Not
Martlesham Memories
Bullets in the Barn
Finding Love in Holland
German Bail-Out Over Bramford Road, Ipswich.
Collecting Brussel Sprout Stalks
From Dovercourt to London.
Butterfly Bombs In Ipswich
Burnt On Crashing But Completing The Tour
Ipswich Wartime Schooldays.
A Barnardo Boy in Norfolk.
From Ipswich to Foggia and Back: Memories of an RAF Bomb-Aimer
A Mine in Cemetery Road, Ipswich.
"If" you served with me when we were young
Stealing Eggs For Breakfast
Evacuated from Ipswich to Birmingham
A Foxterrier in an Anderson Shelter.
Northgate School in Wartime.
Crossing the Rhine
Machine-gunning in Henslow Road
Ipswich Wartime Memories
At Trimley During the War.
The Radio, Ipswich, and Arnheim.
Reconnaissance Regiment at Belsen
Ipswich Wartime through the Eyes of a Child. Part 1.
Ipswich Wartime through the Eyes of a Child. Part 2.
From Ipswich to D-Day.
Ramsgate After Dunkirk
A Bomb on Fletcher Road, Ipswich.
A Vivid Childhood Memory.
A Police Auxiliary Messenger.
D-Day!icon for Recommended story
Barrage Balloons at Landguard Point.
Roebeck Road, Ipswich, Air Raids.
Helmingham: Rural Suffolk in the War.
Evacuation - London to Devon.
Suffolk Coast, from Peace to War.
Evacuated from Leeds to Wales.
An Irish Fusilier In Malta.
Evacuation in Derbyshire.
St John's to Leicester.
Bombed Out Twice.
London to Helingsburgh.
Bouncing bomb at Bishops Hill, Ipswich
Childhood Memories in Woodbridge
My First Plane Crash
Throw Away Rabbit Hutches
A Tin of Balloons
Home to Find the House Gone
No Fear!
Decoys for D-Day
Domestic Science
Fire Watching and Glenn Miller
Ipswich Air Raids
My Earliest Memory
Ex London Evacuee.
a wartime decoder
An Irish Fusilier in Malta - Continued
Teaching Radio in South Africa
More on Suffolk Coast in Wartime.
On the Midlands Flightpath
The Lighter side - Life in Darsham
An Arabian Night
My Service History - from Sand Fly Fever to Mount Vesuvius
Memories of Romford
A Little Ditty
Wartime Memories and Spies in Little Stonham
Wartime in Ipswich
Life and Death in Wartime Ipswichicon for Recommended story
Staff Pilot's Lament
Monkey Nuts In Ipswich
Air Crash in Combs Village, Stowmarket.
Myrtle Road's Bouncing Bomb
Bathing Beauty
Pubs and Pills
Life on the Gainsborough Estate
Sister WAAFs
Letter from South Africa.
A Glamorous Auntie
Keeping the Cashbox Safe
Teen Years
Keeping Cattle in the Land Army
The Day Off
A Very Lucky Little Girl
Scottish Childhood Memories
Unexploded Bomb in Holywells Park.
I Went to London
Ten Green Bottles
I Wonder How Many Returned.
A Wartime Loss
Family Life in the War
The Thrill of Shopping
Saved by an Ear Infection!
Bombing During the Blitz
Devotion to Duty
Norwich at War
Losing a Son
Catching Rabbits
Sheltering Under Hedges
Pea Picking with the Duchessicon for Story with photo
The Day War was Declared (story one)
War Memories - Travelling on a Train
A Bomb Falls on Waddington
Coconut by Post
Starting Work at 15
Bombing Grandma
Lucky Day
My Brother's War in the Marines
Growing Up
Illness in War-time
Day Trip to London
Getting the Gas Bus to Work
With the Suffolk Royal Engineers
The Blood Donor
The Bombed Wedding
Too Big to Fit Under the Bed
Born in an Air Raid
The Broken Book Case
My Husbands DFCicon for Story with photo
The Bouncing Floor
Evacuees and Americans - A Child's View of War in Ipswich
Back from the Dead
My Naval War in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean
Wartime in London and Evacuation
When Unexpected Guests Dropped In
An Unusual Place to Store Food
A Family at War
Into Battle With a Pram Toy
Coming through together
Through the Open Window
Cycling in the Blackout
Dances, Dances and More Dances

Ipswich Museum added messages to the following stories

Near Miss Ipswich
a docker in ipswich
Ipswich making uniforms
Helmut Mader

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