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15 October 2014
WW2 - People's War

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The BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Action Desk, in partnership with CSV Media, provides county-wide information, news on local events and community intiatives. The team for the Action Desk is voluntary and works closely with the public as well as getting some basic training in radio.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Action Desk can help and assist with anyone or signpost people so that their war story can be logged onto the BBC People's war archive - you can call us on 0845 300 10 90 for more information.

We have lists of events taking place throughout Cambridgeshire which are celebrating World War 2.

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Stories contributed by cambsaction

We were the last two: An Evacuees story
Spud Picking
Stuck in the Mud
Why I Became a Pilot
Drain Pipes For Defences
The Far East on HMS Anson
Philip Stowell's War Time Memories
Bombed Out (Holloway, London)
Dad's Near Miss
The Aycliffe Angels
A WAAF at Bentley Priory
The Ones That Got Away
Fighting in the Far East by Bert Wright
Robinson Crusoe
The Smallest Firefighter
Bomber Command Armourer
Frothy Freddy
The Goodwill Mission
Valentine's War
Working at Hawker
MAPS, LIGHTS, AND SIRENS: Royal Observer Corps in Cambridge
TEA WITH MOTHBALLS: a nurse in London
German fighters and doodlebugs
Bill Holman's story (recited by Andy Holman)
Marching office workers
Unofficial stripes
Red hot shrapnel
The wrong Dart
Always under attack
Reunion of man and wife
Legless in a shelter
West Brom Bombs
Plane Crash
Mugs Away
Junior Red Cross in Cambridge
19 Wireless Observation Unit
Air Raids
Scrap Metal
Denton Airfield
Home Guard
Youngest Apprentice
Bofors Gun
Bombing Raids
Andersons Shelter
Decoy Landing Craft
The Very First Air Raid
Two Days Before Dunkirkicon for Story with photo
Winter's Ragesicon for Story with photo
We Heard On The Train
I Remember Douglas Barder!
Jack Reeves Coastal Forces Memories
My Childhood in Devizes
blood on the stairs
A teenagers war
Sewing and Doping Mosquitos
Snippets from a Subalton
From Ball Gowns to camoflage
the luckiest lady alive
Waking the Dead
welding shoes
Ann's War in Kirkcaldy
Life in Children's Home
Val's relatives in the War
Mines on the move: a Royal Engineers field company
Chimney Tops
Evacuated at 12
Little Len Goes to War
Childhood in Mereclough, Lancashire
A Peckham childhood
school days in london and south wales
the hogarths of birmingham
The Life and Times of an ARP Warden in the East end of London
Coping with a War and having no legsicon for Story with photo
A Home Guard training event
The Uniforms Must Fit
Time off for blackberry picking!
166th Newfoundland Royal Artillery
School days at Romsey School and the Central School
School days at the County School and Long Road School
Crossing the North Atlantic in wartime on the Rossington Court
A Young Mother and Housewife in Lode Village during the Second World Waricon for Story with photo
A Trip On The River Downstream At Night
An eventful wartime Milton Life
A Right Royal Connection - Training with Princess Elizabeth at Guildford
Bookbinding and armatures in Cambridge
Episodes In the Last War
The De Havilland Bombing and other memories
The Homecoming
The Cook In The Cookhouse
Wartime Experiences - 1939 - 1945
Doris in wartime Dover
Mothers Tale
Working On The Cambridge Railway
Fulbourn Memories
Lucky Escape
Once In a Lifetime; A Little Boy Lost
A plane at the bottom of my aunt's garden
Working and being evacuated
The Dance Hall Bomb
Exploding Blimps
Potato picker to Suez Soldier
Pilot Adventures
Firemen At The School
Truly Sheltered
Little Shelfordicon for Story with photo
The day Dad gave his slippers away
A junior officer's war with 43rd Division - Gunners
Bombs in Chadwell Heath followed by a country idyll
Marshall's - A Woman's Job in a Man's World
Grandma's POW necklace
Cottenham School Memories
Transporting The Crazy Gang
US Plane in Flames in High Street
"Hitler Be Damned!"
VE Day Dance in Parker's Piece
Enemy Parachutist in Burwell, Cambs
Americans at Green Park
Working at Bridge End Arsenal and The Day I stole the Green Flag
Sawston Wartime Memories
A Broken Neck from a Protective Helmet
Banking and the Pay Corps in London
Living next to Pentonville
Big Ben from the Fen
We Didn't Believe it Would Happen
Having the Corners Knocked Off
A Child's Memory of the Declaration of War
My First Taste of Alcohol at Age 7
Marcel Waves and the Jitterbug
Stories from an Australian WNEL
A Visit to the Australian Army Field Hospital
Clark Gable Was in the Same Class as I was
The Jewel of Australia
Nice work Smudger!
Rissy's War
We Led The Wayicon for Story with photo
The Power of Prayer
I Was an Analytical Chemist During the War
Barry Hobbs reflections of the war years as a 5 to 10 year old
Personal Requirements
My Childhood Experience Near the End of the War
The Wren at seaicon for Story with photo
Experiences of a Glazericon for Story with photo
Wartime Experiences
Full Circle
War Time
George and Sid's War Time Village as Childrenicon for Story with photo
My War, Jack Deaconicon for Story with photo
A Letter Home
Experiences of a Glazer
My war experiences with John Millsicon for Story with photo
My First Memory
Toddler Memories
My grandfather was a ‘hit man’icon for Story with photo
My Uncle Osmond
The Stationers
From the Azures to America
Early childhood amongst the forces in Huntingdonshire
Why they never spoke about the War
Making parts in Cambridge
The First Canadian Built Lancastericon for Story with photo
The day a Lancaster Crashed into the River Trenticon for Story with photo
Life in the Desert Air Forceicon for Story with photo
A seaman’s scrapbook
My memories of growing up in Wolverhampton during the war
Jam in Burma!icon for Story with photo
Crashed planes at seaicon for Story with photo
My days in the London blitzicon for Story with photo
Internment as a Briton, in war-time Europe
Messenger pigeons in the waricon for Story with photo
Army on Farne Islandsicon for Story with photo
A china doll in wartime
My Narrow Escape
Jillian’s Fathericon for Story with photo
I was 4
Hendon Aerodrome
A Boy’s Tale
A Young Boy’s Tale
Hitler attacked my grandmother’s china
Bombers over Arrington
My family during the Waricon for Story with photo
Memories of Mepal, Cambridgeshire
My Yorkshire Grandmothericon for Story with photo
Escape from Singapore
Avoiding Submarines
Real Egg!!
A Pilot’s storyicon for Story with photo
My Dad - crossing the Rhine with Churchill
Crossing the Rhine with Churchill
Unmanned Aircraft
My war experiences in London and Somerset
War experiences in London and Somerset
Sabotaged Bomb
Memories of my Uncle and my childhoodicon for Story with photo
Blow the Cough Away
Burma experiencesicon for Story with photo
The army camp at St Ives, Cambridgeshireicon for Story with photo
Driving for Gracie Fieldsicon for Story with photo
Gracie Fields in Burmaicon for Story with photo
From Calcutta to Rangoon
Photo Memories of Mum and Dadicon for Story with photo
Experiences during the Blitz
My experiences during the Blitz
Amy and Jack Meeting 1944icon for Story with photo
The tragedy of war
Bravery of the first order
Dad’s random memories of being an Air Raid Warden in WW2
Dad’s random memories pt 2
Part 2 of my Dad’s memories
By Train to Bordeauxicon for Story with photo
Bordeaux to Pointe du Graveicon for Story with photo
An American in Germanyicon for Story with photo
Our walk to work
I Saw the First Bomb Dropped
At school in Holland Park
BBC Home Service
My Evacuee Story
Sinking of Lancastria
All Around
High on a Hill
The gas mask became a fashion accessory
The inconvenience of the Japanese surrender
The child chef
Sleeping through the blitz
A long stay in Wales...
Making the best of the war’
Safety and Danger for a Teenager during the War
Working at Bletchley Park
‘Working in the Cricklewood RAF Factory’
Identifying those who died at Fukuoka camp on Kyushu islandicon for Story with photo
Memories of the Malta Siege
Memories of Night-time Dogfights
A Curious Thing happened to me as a Child during the War
The Child Harvest
War as it had to be
Memories of WW2 in North East Lancashire
Flight from Malaya, January 1942
My Uneventful War
A Doodle Bug Hit Our House
The arrogant German
A Lancashire farm in World War Two
Peckham in the Second World War
Peckham in the War
School Days at Romsey School and the Central School
Crossing the Atlantic in Wartime on the Rossington Court
My First Memories
Wartime in England
Wartime in Creswell

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