Scroll through 144 fact files using the arrows, or jump to a particular year or period using the tabs.

This timeline contains 144 fact files which relate to some of the key events of World War Two, arranged in chronological order to help you track the battles, campaigns and home front events from 1939 to 1945.

The timeline is intended as a means of navigating through the categories of the WW2 People's War Archive. As such, the timeline reflects the themes covered in the Archive, and should not be interpreted as a comprehensive account of World War Two. The theatres of war where the British operated are given emphasis here.

In the case of events that took place over a period of days or months, only the start date is given in the timeline. The full dates are given in the fact file text.

Credits - images from the timeline have been sourced from contributions to WW2 People's War and Corbis. Copyright remains with them and these images may not be reproduced.