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15 October 2014
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Farewell to the BBC WW2 People's War Website

by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

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Contributed by 
Peter - WW2 Site Helper
People in story: 
Peter Ghiringhelli, Ron Goldstein, Tom Canning, Frank Mee, and we hope, many others
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The World Wide Web
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Contributed on: 
27 January 2006

The Gang of Four consisted of (in alphabetical order) Tom Canning, Peter Ghiringhelli, Ron Goldstein and Frank Mee.

For the period between Sept 2003 and February 2006 we have all spent a not inconsiderable time posting and responding to articles on this site and would like to think that our input has made a modest contribution to the BBC's WW2 People's War permanent archive.

We take this opportunity of thanking all responsible for the original creation of the site and for its every day running and monitoring. Yes, we shall even miss our dear old Moderators (Quiet, Tom!)

In an effort to continue the ethos that was created by the site, we have established a blog simply named “The Second World War” to be found at links

This site will become operative on the 1st of February 2006 (but you are most welcome to take a peek now) and we look forward to hearing from the many friends that we have made in the past two years, including present and ex members of the BBC WW2 Team.

We hope you will find the site easy to use. On or after 1 February apply to for membership.

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Forum Archive

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These messages were added to this story by site members between June 2003 and January 2006. It is no longer possible to leave messages here. Find out more about the site contributors.

Message 1 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 27 January 2006 by BBC Cumbria Volunteer Story Gatherers

Hello Peter and other helpers,

I've just read what I assume is your final farewell. All of you helpers have done very well providing information and guidance. You all deserve a metaphorical 'pat on the back' as the site comes to a close.

You will likely have to make do with a metaphorical 'golden handshake' as well. Somehow, I doubt any of you will be getting an actual golden handshake.

I've just finished my own last contributions and, after a 'proof read', I will get them posted tomorrow. Then I will be putting down the baton for the last time. However, I hope to look in on your site now and again. There are some things I never got answered I would like to know (eg just when were Church bells allowed to be rung again in the war?)

Well done and thanks to you all!
Joseph Ritson
(Using my correct name rather than an alias!)


Message 2 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 28 January 2006 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper


A sad time for all, but do join us at links

We look forward to hearing from you.



Message 3 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 29 January 2006 by Frank Mee Researcher 241911

Churchill declared the church bells could be rung after the Battle of "El Alamein" November 1942. He said we had a reason for rejoicing after nearly three years of war, let the bells ring out.
They rang one night before that in 1940 when some one saw German parachutists coming down. Panic broke out and I can still see my Dad with his pitchfork at the ready to defend us against the Hun. It was of course a false alarm.


Message 4 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 29 January 2006 by WW2 People's War Team

Dear Ron, Peter, Tom, Frank and all the WW2 Helpers,

Well, it's the last weekend of the project. There are now over 45,000 stories and 15,000 photographs on the site. It's a terrific achievement, but something else that everyone should be proud of is the sense of community which has been generated on the site - this has all been down to you. Your good will and commitment has brought so much to the site. Thank you for all your contributions and support over the last two and a half years.

Good luck with the blog, I'm sure it's going to be a very popular spot. Over the next month or so, we'll be building the Archive site. We'll let you know when it's live.

I look forward to keeping in touch,
thanks again to you all.

Katherine and the WW2 Team


Message 5 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 30 January 2006 by Frank Mee Researcher 241911

Dear Katherine,
Thank you for the kind words and thank you for the support and help you gave when needed.
It is good the stories were told and will be archived. The mind set when the war finished was sweep it under the carpet we do not want to know. Who can blame people after six gruelling years and then another four of rationing and hardship when we had all expected things to get back to normal quickly.
Many of us who had been too young to fight in the war were in the forces, it was peacetime or so we all thought, some peace but that is all another story.
Give my love to Helen if ever you see her and the many other friends we have on the Team.
There is already interest in the blog and it is not live until the 1st so I have a feeling our lives will go on beyond BBC WW2.
Thank you again Katherine and I hope not goodby for good.
Love Frank.


Message 6 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 30 January 2006 by Ron Goldstein

Hi Katherine

Many thanks for your kind words which I have already posted on to our new Blog Site.
We all look forward to seeing the new Archive in action and as you will have seen, there has been a tremenduous flurry of activity from last minute posters (including, I must confess, some late postings from yours truly).
Please pass our good wishes to the rest of your team and tell them that like your good self, they will always be made welcome on our site.

Every good wish for the future



Message 7 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 30 January 2006 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

Dear Katherine

Many thanks for your kind words and message of goodwill for our WW2 blog. I do hope that you are right about it becoming a popular spot. Time will tell!

Good luck to you and the Team in the huge task you have over the coming weeks in getting the Archive up and running, and beyond that, in your future jobs at the BBC. Many thanks also for your encouragement and support over the past two years or so, we shall miss you.

It has been a great venture and I am only sorry that it had to end.

Dear me, this is beginning to sound like a final goodbye, I do hope it isn't!

(fade out the sun sets in the west .. violins playing ... not a dry eye in the house)

Byeeeeeeeee .....



Message 8 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 30 January 2006 by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper

My dear Katherine-
very many thanks from the junior member of the 'gang of four'. Many a harsh word I have muttered when things did not go as I wanted but your team of Penelope - Helen - Deborah always came through with a smile, and for that - I thank you and trust that this will not sever our relationship but that we shall meet on our new 'blogsite' in the coming months. Meanwhile au revoir !


Message 9 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 30 January 2006 by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper

My dear Katherine-
after an extremely short "au revoir"
I cannot help but to add a "PS" to this as I think that the choices of the final stories on the "Front Page " - are very well chosen and represent all of the lads who gave - as Stan Scislowski points out - 'their all' - for us who also walked through the shadow of that valley ! Stan is still around and lives near Windsor, Ontario.
Very well done


Message 10 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 31 January 2006 by originalmarjorie

I would just like to thank you all for the help you have given me in unravelling the mystery that was my Dad's war service. I now have a pretty good idea of the sequence of events and have even managed to find someone (pleasancedinburgh) in the the shape of Harry Hawthorne who was in the same battalion and captured at the same time as my Dad. I feel you have all been friendly towards me and my Dad, had he been alive, would have been most interested in conversing with you all.

All the best for the future to Tom, Peter, Ron and Frank.

Regards, Marjorie


Message 11 - Well done all Site Helpers

Posted on: 31 January 2006 by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper

Marjorie -
your letter sums up all that we tried to do, in our own particular way, in order to assist many people to retrace their relatives activities in that struggle which we trust will never happen again.
Thank you for your acknowledment
Trooper tom.

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