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15 October 2014
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The Last Soldier and His Son

by thedesertfrancis

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Guilherme Vaz
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05 December 2003

The last soldier is the one that faced the Monster First.He knows all his details,the downcraked faces,the medusian hair,hate and hunger,he was the first to step a mine,the first to the receive de ennemies brand new bullets and recent mealed others against him ,he was the first to face win or loose[the abyss feeling] in the batllefield,he was the first to feel the world eartquaking under his feets with the dazzlings of the batlle,the first the ennemy laughs on,the one that felt far from time the storm sounds of the Big Bang,the first to sacape,the frist to die,the first to win,the first to loose.Many more last soldiers died in this conflict tnan Generals and even going to hell they perfilated on Generals.Their simple mothers at home praying.From the Brazilian soldiers sent to the Mont Cassino Battle many of them were unalphabetized,they could not write.Hundreds died there.Im my city in Soth America and passing trough the villages you can see memorials on them.As they were poor people [and the Generals rich]the letters were written by others and still exists.But the Families remains poor[and the Officers rich]and if they can not even write or speak as an ""elite"" theyr own language how they would understand another?So to lave an open door for this unpricelless documents I recommend that the analysis by the site personal would not take them on language and construction.In general poor soldiers reamain poor,many of them can not buy a lap top,and their families too.More I recommend that a simple writing on paper posted should be accepeted by the site too,ar advised for.So you will hear the Giant-The Last Soldier-so you will hear his Son.Without this the site would be midlle and upper class strieve reduction.And in no Way in History and in no Times are Wars moved in its deep Reality by those classes.thadesertfrancis.

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Message 1 - The Last Soldier and His Son

Posted on: 01 January 2004 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

Dear desertfrancis

I read your story with great interest. Not many are now aware of the great contribution Brazil made in defeating the Axis. Brazil declared war against Germany and Italy on 22 August 1942.

The Brazilian Expeditionary Force (BEF) fought tenaciously in Italy from late 1944. The BEF consisted of 25,000 men and one combat division was constantly at the front until 1945, with 451 brave soldiers killed and some 2,000 wounded. Your compatriots contribution at Monte Cassino was invaluable and the BEF saw some of the toughest fighting there. During the closing days of the war an entire German division surrendered to the Brazilians.

I will draw the WW2 Team's notice to your request that written contributions be accepted, but I am afraid, as no doubt they will explain, this is purely an electronic archive. Perhaps, you could post some stories on your friends' behalf. It would be a pity to lose contributions from such brave allies.

Muito obrigado, próspero Ano Novo!



Message 2 - The Last Soldier and His Son

Posted on: 26 January 2004 by thedesertfrancis

Thank you for the men that died crudelly and in most disadvanteged land position because de machine guns .50 from the germans were in a most higher position looking from top to bottom in the mountain and the early monks castle in Mount Cassino.The more of four hundreds advanced against them with a fury to stop them rarely seen in battles history ,the mount would be not conquered without them,many used knifes to keep atacck in silence ,yhey climbed that Mountain as wild horses one after the other to take Evil out of there and open passage to american army stopped at that teritorial point and to the climbing of forces untill Berlin,most of them coming from poor families.They are men in the real sense we hope the Anthropus have a future depending most of the humbles.Thats why I wrote considering that electronics is a richs getting and will be ever, that written contributions would be accepeted from the poors and after edited electronically ,because were they that defetead the Evil,not us that uses advanced computers.The poors winned the Axis thats the crude true.Take a look at the Russian Battle and you see the same.The members of the Party had champagne to drink in the Capital.In Stalingrad not even pieces of ashes to eat.I keep with WHOLE CONVICTION AND HONOUR ACTING that poor people could allow send letters to BBC WW2-FROM WHOLE THE WORLD FROM ASIA PASSING TROUGH RUSSIA FRANCE ENGLAND AND AUSTRALIA ,ALL THEM,ALL THEM.I Believe that this is the most important contribution I can do to this Forum ,independent of any other.A powerfull one .THEDESERTFRANCIS

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