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28 July 2014
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Not all teenagers feel the same way about vetrans. Please read if you fought in World War 2.

by gav17nufc

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12 December 2004


I've always been intrested in History and Wars especially and i decided to write this as I dont know any vetrans personally whom I could tell it too.

I can't imagine what any of you went through; in fact i dont think anyone could. Teenagers and young adults of todays world have so much more materialistic goods than any of you did when you were my age; but still you all amaze me.

You lived with so much less than us, but you enjoyed so much more.
We have so much; but at the same time we have nothing at all.
The way you all led your lives in times of dispair and terror is not only for me a far greater moral guidline than the Bible its self; but also makes me feel very ashamed of how me and my generation live our lives today in times of far less difficulty.

You put your lives on the line not for self pride, money or respect; you did it for pride and for those you loved. Even the people you would never meet.
You did it so well.
Not only did you give the world democracy and freedom; you made Britain great and you set an example to everyone in the world.
Over time, generations have passed and new ones have emerged- I'm ashamed at how some people are so quick to forget what you all did and what you all suffered for the benefit of us.

Even if just one person reads this message, then i'm happy i have carried out just a very small repayment of what you gave me.
As long as you are the modern day hero to just one person, then the sacrasfices you all made will never be forgotton but remembered with much pride and respect

An ashamed, typical teenager.

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Message 1 - Youth

Posted on: 12 December 2004 by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper

Dear Ashamed Teenager -

as you so rightly say - you are living in a different world - not that it is any better and so this is where we have failed the youth of was supposed to be better, but it is if anything, a lot worse than the youth we enjoyed prior to facing an enemy. The majority of veterans to-day - still alive that is - were 18 in 1942 and we gave 5 years to make this world safer , better, and worth living in !
What do we have to-day - materalistic nonsense at every turn, crass commercialism,must have it society, everyone has a mobile 'phone - for what - to ask each other "where are they" ? and "what are you doing " " meet me in the Mall"... and that is just the commercial aspect !
the moral aspect is much much worse,
with Abortion - Suicide - Euthanasia -
Homosex - Divorce - Sex education to six year olds ??? -
contraception - single teenage parents - illegal immigration to destroy our national culture to be replaced by cultures which are totally foreign to the British character..I could go on and on but i'm too sorry for the youth of to-day
as we veterans have allowed this to happen to you, by taking the easy way out after the war. If you ever get the chance to read a man who was an M.P. for Wolverhampton, his name Enoch Powell, he gave a great speech at a conference in Birmingham on April 20th 1968 in which he said " the supreme function of Statemanship is to provide against preventable evils".... this is where the veterans went wrong - we allowed the so-called statesmen to do this damage to britain - once GREAT BRITAIN - no longer ! The greatest damage ... in my view is that we have turned our backs on God and replaced Him with man,
consequently we shall all pay the bill !
So really... it is we who should be ashamed for leaving you this legacy !


Message 2 - Youth

Posted on: 12 December 2004 by A.R.Lewis.(often called David), ex Welsh Guards. C.S.M.

I heartily agree with all that has been said in this discussion, and congratulate the young person who instigated it. You have nothing to be ashamed of, your courage in speaking out shows that you too have that spark of responsibility in your thoughts and deeds.
Yes I too firmly believe that whilst we did what we had to do, we failed dismally in completing the job. Allowing the feeling of making life easier for the next generation to dominate our thoughts, thus starting the all consuming must have!!! type of society. The youth today have far more difficulties growing up than my generation experienced, yes despite all the "Goodies" you have, and which are meant to improve your living standard, I would not be prepared to change my youth for yours.
We the generation of which you speak have failed you, that begs the question "Were our sacrefices worth while"??.

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