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15 October 2014
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spying for hitler

by Uffculme School

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Contributed by 
Uffculme School
People in story: 
Norman farley
Location of story: 
watreloo cross, uffculme
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Contributed on: 
16 June 2005

We used to have a cleaner .She cleaned some flats as well as are house .In one of the flats supposedly a German man lived there selling razorblades. However he turned out to be spying for Hitler .He wasn’t selling razor blades at all (that was his cover). In fact he was Rudolph Hess. Hitler’s right hand man, first in charge after Hitler. She never saw him as he used to leave the money for the cleaning under a flowerpot so obviously no questions were asked!!

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Message 1 - Spying for Hitler Quiz

Posted on: 17 June 2005 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

Please attempt all questions.

1. What brand of razor blades did Herr Hess sell?
a. Gillette
b. Wilkinson Sword
c. None of your Engländer muck, all autentisch Deutscher steel Rasierklingen.
d. None [nein] of the above.

2. Since Herr Hess eschewed all personal contact, how did he sell his razor blades?
a. Mail order only.
b. By posing as a blind man on street corners, with a sideline in matches.

3. Was the cleaner:
a. An ordinary member of the public, with a fondness for port and lemon?
b. Agent 'Mrs Mopp' of the MI5½ 'Itma' Squad?
[see hint in Question 4]

4. Since Herr Hess avoided contact with Mrs Mopp, how did she get into his flat to clean it?
a. By shouting through the letter box "Can I do yer now, Sir?"
b. By arrangement, shouting through the letter box "This is Funf".
c. She didn't, she was forbidden to go near the place.

Message 1 - The 'Spying for Hitler' quiz

Posted on: 17 June 2005 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

1. What sort of razorblades did Herr Hess sell?
a) Gillette
b) Wilkinson Sword
c) None of this Englisher rubbish, only genuine Deutscher steel Rasierklingen.

2. Since Herr Hess apparently eschewed direct contact in his flat, how did he sell his razorblades?
a) By mail order only.
b) By posing as a blind man on street corners, with matches as a sideline.
c) He didn't sell them at all, he only pretended to sell razorblades.

3. Was his cleaner:
a) An ordinary member of the public, partial to port and lemon?
b) Special agent "Mrs Mopp" of MI5½ "Itma" Squad?
[hint, see next question]

4. Since Herr Hess desired no contact with Mrs Mopp, how did she get into his flat to clean it?
a) In a momentary lapse he had given her a key to his flat.
b) By shouting through his letterbox "Can I do yer now, Sir?"
c) By shouting through the letterbox, the prearranged signal "This is Funf".
d) She never entered his flat, she wasn't allowed to clean it.

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