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15 October 2014
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Ron Goldstein’s War — A month at a time

by Ron Goldstein

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Contributed by 
Ron Goldstein
People in story: 
Ron Goldstein and his family
Location of story: 
England,North Africa,Sicily, Italy, Austria,Germany and Egypt
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Contributed on: 
27 June 2005

Ron on AJEX Parade 2004

What started off as a single entry, first posted in October 2003, has finished up as a collection of more than sixty articles covering personal memories of events between 1939 and 1947.

To bring some sort of order to this potpourri I have listed these stories, chronologically, wherever possible, together with links to the articles themselves and these can all be found on my Personal Page.

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Message 1 - Ron's Collection: Direct Links

Posted on: 27 June 2005 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

Summing up what has been: An 'interesting' experience (A2808083)

Sept 3, 1939
War is declared and my family’s life would never to be the same again
Five Sons, all serving in H.M.Forces (A2025028)
Waiting to be called up (A2416268).

Oct 1, 1942
Bury St.Edmunds, I am called up, aged 19 and Posted to 53rd Primary Training Wing
Early Army Days,October 1942 (A2176616)

Nov ’42
Whitby, Yorkshire Posted to 52nd Anti Aircraft Driver Training Regiment, Royal Artillery Training to be a Driver/Wireless Operator (A2065853)

Feb ’43 Haltwhistle, Northumberland. Posted to the 112th L.A.A. Regiment.
Tip and Run Raiders, Hove 1943 (A4208816)

Hove, Sussex, Congleton, Cheshire, Woolwich (Where the overseas draft REAYK assembled), London, Home for embarkation leave.

A map of my travels 'Ron's Grand Tour' (A2156564)
Liverpool, S.S.Frankonia, The ship that took us to North Africa. Algiers.
Posted to 49th Light Anti Aircraft Rgt. at Tunis
Not my worst night, by any means (A1996860)
Cap Matifou, Ghardimeau, Medjes El Bab, (Tunisia)

May ’43
A Driver/Op in Light Ack Ack (A2077274)

June ‘43
Carthage, Guelma, Hammamet Boarded ship for the invasion of Sicily.
AWOL at Guelma (see Getting your Army Records (A2098000) )
Sicily, then on to Italy (A2370674).
Lt.Whitfield's directing debut (A4268658)

Syracuse, (Sicily), Bronte, Adrano, Messina.

Reggio di Calabria, Invasion of Italy, Crotone, Bari, Foggia, Termoli.
Dive bombing-A memory confirmed (A3232621)
Dec ’43 Carovilla, Cantalupo, Agnone, Riccia, Campo Basso, Bagnolia.

New Years Day 1944, Snowed in at Carovilli (A3443113)
Ice cold...but NOT in Alex ! (A3740276)

Feb ’44
Ortogna, Mignano, Cassino (The Regiment was responsible for smoke laying beneath the monastery), Caserta, Afragola, San Vittorio.
Monte Cassino, March to May 1944 (A2293616).
Gunner Burnard and the Brigadier (A3757854)
I return to Cassino, 'Return to Cassino' (A4062386)

Mar ’44
Two weeks in dock in Naples and not a wound to show for it (A2274761).

Apr ’44
Vanairo, Vanafro, Ceprano, Lake Trasimeno, Rome.

June '44
Day leave in Rome (A1941383).
Baschi, Tiber, Frosinino, Taranto. Pulled out of the line.
The 78th Div goes to Egypt to re-fit and re-form (A2515475). S.S.Empires Pride The ship that took us to Egypt to reform and re-equip.

Jul ’44
Alexandria,(Egypt), Cairo, Ishmalia, Amiryah
Day leave in Alexandria (A3060677)
Keeping clean on Active Service (A3365273)
S.S.Homer Lee The American ship that took us back to Italy
Augusta, (Sicily) Assisi (Italy), Vasto, Termoli, Sangro, Pescara, Scarperia, Florence, Firenzuolo.

Oct ’44
Sienna, Tavernelle, Naples, Ancona.

Nov ’44
Day leave in Florence
Getting the facts right (A3169307)

Dec ’44
Rieti Posted to Royal Armoured Corp Training Depot for re-training on tanks
Transformation from Gunner to Trooper (A2601839).
Collapsible Beds (A3326726)

Mar ’45
Posted to 4th Queen’s Own Hussars as Loader/Wireless Operator.
Joining the 4th Queen's Own Hussars (A2310003)
Gubbio, Ravenna, Rocciano, Rimini.

Apr ’45
Comacchio, Traversare, Ferrara, Lugo, Santerno, Reno.
German Propaganda Leaflets (A2297333)
The day my brother Mick nearly killed me (A2352647)
Diary entries 11th April 1945 (A2017630)
The day I should have died (A2513134)
Charlie 4 is not answering my signals (A3142694)

May ’45
Venice, Ferndorf,(Austria) (Set up a POW camp for SS Cavalry Division), Lienz, Spittal Paternion, Grafenstein, Trieben,Villach,
The War ends in Italy, 2nd May 1945 (A2039113)
VE Day, as seen from a field near Venice(A2324189)
Keeping a Diary in Wartime (A2509021)

Jun ’45
Post-war Austria
Danke Herr Mix! (A2072350)

Jul ’45
Velden, Klagenfurt,Salsburg,
Life in wartime Austria (A2545517)

Aug ’45
Munich, Ulm, Germany
Running a staging camp in Germany August 1945 (A2062513). San Giorgio, (Italy)

Oct ’45
Trieste, October 1945 to January 1947 (A2166130)
Stick it in your Army....Album! (A2612567)

Riots in Trieste (A2843868).

Nov ’45
Udine, Milan, Brig, Calais, Folkestone,London, (First home leave since Apr’43)
My Welcome Home (A2072477)
Folkestone, Calais, Milan, (Italy) Palmanova, Trieste,

Jun ’46
Milan, Calais, Folkestone, London, (My second home leave)
Trieste, (Italy) Monfalcone.
Army Transport (A2611937)

Oct ’46
Milan, Dieppe, Dover London, Dover, Dieppe, Trieste (Regimental re-union with the Colonel, Winston Churchill in attendance)

Dec '46
Our first Post-War New Year's Eve (A2633500)

Jan ’47
Milan, Calais, Dieppe, London, Barnard Castle, York and finally DEMOB!

A few more bits and pieces, whilst I can still remember them, that do not fit easily into the chronological sequence above.

1. An unlikely Post War meeting with Tom Canning (A3103840)

2. The Cambridge and Bethnal Green Boy's Club, the club that produced heroes.

Finally, in addition to the articles listed above, It has been an honour to have posted various stories on this site on behalf of Martin Sugarman, Archivist of AJEX (Association of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women. These stories are listed below:
A2665271 Jack Nissenthall- The VC Hero Who Never Was Part 1b (May 25, 2004) A2665244 Jack Nissenthall - The VC Hero who Never Was Part 1a (May 25, 2004)

A2662607 A Jewish Hero in the SOE Part 2

A2662599 A Jewish Hero in the SOE Part 1

A2659368 Two Jewish Heroines of the SOE Part 4 (May 23, 2004)

A2659331 Two Jewish Heroines of the SOE Part 3 (May 23, 2004)

A2659322 Two Jewish Heroines of the SOE Part 2 (May 23, 2004)

A2659313 Two Jewish Heroines of the SOE Part 1 (May 23, 2004)

Index of Images:

1.(A2156564) A Map of my travels, courtesy of Ron Tee of 56 Recce Rgt.
2. (A2025028) A montage of the five Goldstein boys in uniform.
3. (A2416268) Dad's factory in London, showing Dad,Jack,Lou and I.
4. (A2176616) A page from my AB64 Part 1 showing innoculations.
5. (A2065853) My first Army photo, taken at Whitby, aged 19.
6. (A1996860) Studio photo sent home from Egypt.
7. (A2077274) The No.19 wireless set, used in the LAA and the 4th QOH.
8. (A2370674) Street photo taken in Bari, Sept'43.
9. (A2293616) My old friend Larry and program of Passover service we attended.
10.(A3443113) Aero-gram sent home to Mick in England
11.(A2274761) My Army album, still around after 60 years.
12.(A2515475) The Pyramids, I'm on the 3rd Camel from the right.
13.(A1941383) Street photo in Rome, 21st June 1944.
14.(A2601839) Pete Burns, myself and Ken Atkinson at Rieti.
15.(A2310003) 'A' Sdrn. 4th QOH, Official Photo, Austria 1945.
16.(A2297333) One of seven German Propaganda leaflets in my Album.
17.(A2352647) Mick and I on AJEX parade, 1992.
18.(A2017630) Me and my Bren Gun Carrier at Trieste.
19.(A2513134) Four diary entries in April '45.
20.(A2039113) On guard at our POW camp at Ferndorf.
21.(A2324189) Myself and the Clock Tower in Venice.
22.(A2509021) 4 more Diary entries for August '44.
23.(A2072350) 1936 photos of my billets in Austria, plus German troops.
24.(A2545517) Me and captured German Army vehicle.
25.(A2062513) A page from my album showing Ulm Cathedral.
26.(A2166130) Myself on a mine-sweeper in Trieste Harbour.
27.(A2072477) Snapped on the train bringing me home from Austria.
28.(A2098000) Army records showing 'charge' detail.
29.(A2611937) Myself on a Norton Motor Bike
30.(A2612567) A montage, including currency and medals.
31.(A2633500) The shooting booth at Monfalcone.
32.(A2843868) Riots in Trieste.
33.(A2808083) Nita and I on AJEX parade
34.(A3103840) Tom Canning and Ron get to meet
35.(A3169307) Day pass to Florence
36.(A3060677) Bob Dunne and Ron in Alexandria
37.(A3142694) Propaganda leaflet when Roosevelt died
38.(A3232621) Group photo showing Larry and others
39.(A3326726) Ron at Rieti wearing American style Denims
40.(A3365273) Ron at Heliopolis swimming pool
41.(A4268658) Ron in rather dishevelled KDs
42.(A4062386) Ron returns to Cassino, the Cemetery
43.(A4234583) Mick and Donnie Carlton MM

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