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15 October 2014
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How did hitler keep control of Nazi Germany

by sunnytim

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Adolf Hitler
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20 April 2005

The first method of keeping complete control was through the use of TERROR he gave the Gestapo (German police) complete control so they could just arrest someone and throw them in jail for no reason at all!! He also used the S.S. (shooting squad) these were Hitler’s personal army they stared of as Hitler’s bodyguards but he expanded them so that they could wipe out the brown shirts they wiped them out in just one night this night was called “night of the long knives,” people knew that if they foul-mouthed Hitler they would either end up dead or in a concentration camps (which was meant you were as good as dead) the first concentration camp that was first set up was called Dachaw is was set up in 19 34 Hitler sent all trade unionists , other party leaders and anyone who he didn’t like. All court judges were Nazis so they voted in favour of Hitler so if you were a Jew in court you had no chance of getting a fair trail because the Nazis hate all Jews. The Nazis also made extermination camps, Auschwitz was the largest extermination camp these camps were made to exterminate groups of people on a super large scale Auschwitz was the largest extermination camp ever made it was called “the final solution,” this was because this camp was the one that would end the Jewish race. Auschwitz alone killed well over 2 million Jews. 6 million Jews were killed altogether in ww2. in colclution i think think that terror took a big part in Hitler keeping complete control of Nazi Germany but propaganda also so took a big part of keeping control of Germany because if he didnt use propaganda the german people wouldnt of voted for him to become the chancellor in the first place.

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Message 1 - Re: How did Hitler keep control of Nazi Germany

Posted on: 20 April 2005 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

I am afraid that what you say is from the revisionist school of Germany history and grossly distorts the facts. This account became entrenched in Germany in the 1950s, when Germans began to see themselves as victims and all guilt was transferred to Hitler.

The plain fact is that Hitler was elected in 1933 on a popular vote and from then on went from strength to strength with the full backing of a clear majority of the German people. He would have undoubtedly won with a massive majority, had he not so despised democracy, even as late as 1943 and was strongly supported by the German people to the end.

It is only now that Germans are coming to terms with their history. As Nikolaus Wachmann, lecturer in modern history at the University of Sheffield, put it "Some early works after the war portrayed Nazi Germany as a strictly regimented totalitarian society, with the population cowed into total submission by an omnipotent terror apparatus. ... [The fact is] Nazi repression was very selective and did not touch the great majority of the population until the lasts months of the war."

Robert Gellately emphasises that Nazi terror was conducted with remarkable openness because it won them public approval. "the Germans generally turned out to be proud and pleased that Hitler and his henchmen were putting away certain kinds of people who did not fit in, or who were regarded as 'outsiders', 'asocials', 'useless eaters', or 'criminals' " He adds that many 'ordinary' Germans not only supported Nazi terror passively, but actually helped make it possible with a 'flood of denunciations' to the police. Very few Gestapo were required and they tended to operate as a reactive force.

I would recommend you read:

"Backing Hitler. Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany" (Oxford, 2001) and "The Gestapo and German Society" (Oxford, 1991) both by Robert Gellately.




Message 2 - Re: How did Hitler keep control of Nazi Germany

Posted on: 20 April 2005 by sunnytim

thanks for your advice m8 im studying gcse history at the moment do you have anymore advice


Message 3 - Re: How did Hitler keep control of Nazi Germany

Posted on: 20 April 2005 by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper

Dear sunnytim -

Peter has given you some very good advice and I would say that if your were to have a look at his web-site you would find even more good advice, particularly if you are studying history which must be cvery difficult to-day as there has been so much revisionist history written in the past 50 years or so.

When I was at school we didn't have those problems as most History was factual written by scholars - like Peter - who knew what they were about.
So I would advise that you spend a great deal of time at your local libraries on those two books he mentioned and you might even get a scholarship grade !
good luck !

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