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15 October 2014
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High Prices in India

by i_really_h8_history

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Indravadan Shah
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Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
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30 June 2004

This story is about my grand father. I have posted this story on the website for a history project in school.

India imported a lot of goods from Japan. This meant that India didn’t have to produce its own products and it was quite cheap to import from Japan. India wasn’t as technologically advanced as Japan so the modern equipment, electronics, cars and toys were mostly made in Japan. A lot of clothes were imported from Japan as well.

During the World War II, Japan attacked the American Pearl Harbour in an attempt to destroy the whole American Navy. It was a surprise attack and wasn’t completely successful. However, it had done enough damage to enrage America. America started planning revenge. It would be impossible to defeat Japan in war because it had 5000 planes and 5 million people who were prepared to fight till they died. It sounded uneventful that Japan would surrender. So as an attempt to make Japan surrender, America decided to use the first atomic bombs in the world on Japan.

Two bombs were dropped. The first one was dropped on Hiroshima and it killed 70,000 people and destroyed 7000 buildings. Japan didn’t surrender and America dropped another bomb three days later on Nagasaki. This one killed 35,000 people. Six days later Japan surrendered.

Now Japan’s main resources were destroyed. A massive fraction of the population had died. The industry was hit hard and now Japan produced a lot less products for export. As a result India
Lost its trade link with Japan. Now it had to make its own poor quality goods or import expensive ones. All over India prices shot up. All the products in the market were much more expensive. Some clothes and daily essentially were now twice as expensive. The whole world was suffering from America’s revenge. No other country was able to create such good quality cheap modern equipment.

This is one of the most striking stories my grand dad told me about the unforgettable World War II.

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Message 1 - High prices in India

Posted on: 02 July 2004 by Peter - WW2 Site Helper

This is quite untrue. The whole world did not suffer because of America's 'revenge'. The Allies did NOT start WW2, it was precipitated by Nazi Germany. In 1941 Japan, an Axis power, attacked America. There were no imports from Japan to India or anywhere else from 1941, four years before the atom bombs were dropped.


Message 2 - High prices in India

Posted on: 03 July 2004 by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper

.....and did your Grandad also tell you about the poor Indians who were "asked" to leave the early seventies..../knew it was going to happen and so asked their friends in England to send them dummy invoices for ficticious goods..which were paid for and the money went into bank accounts in the U.k. On arrival they could then plead poverty as political "refugees' - and were given free food and lodgings - 100% mortgages - large handouts by the social services - the freebies were endless !
At the same time a British ex serviceman who had served his country with honour and shed his blood etc.
was asked why he came back to the U.K. as he then had to wait three years for a mortgage...which was finally and reluctantly given at 12%
interest ! So tell me all about how the rotten British treated the poor Indian Millionaires !

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