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19 September 2014
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I worked for the King and had many important jobs. I fought in the army and went on important missions to foreign countries.

I was the greatest poet of my time. Many people used to write in French or Latin. I helped make writing in English popular. My most famous poem was called 'The Canterbury Tales'. It tells the story of a group of people travelling to visit the tomb of Saint Thomas à Becket in Canterbury. Each of the people tells a story as they go on their journey and their stories tell you all about the times in which I lived.

I was the son of King Edward the Fourth and Queen Elizabeth Woodville. I was born at a time when different families were fighting to rule over the country. When I was just 13, my father died and I was made King. My mother's family and my uncle's family hated each other.

My uncle, Prince Richard, arrested my mother's family and had some of them killed. My younger brother and I were kept in the Tower of London. My uncle said he would look after us, but then he said my parents were not properly married and I could not be King. He made himself King Richard the Third.

Nobody is exactly sure what happened to my brother and I. We never came out of the Tower of London. We were probably murdered. Two years later, King Richard was killed in battle by a man called Henry Tudor. He became King Henry the Seventh, the first Tudor King.

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