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19 September 2014
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The Romans attacked Britain in AD 43. I was the King of one of the British tribes. We were called the Catuvellauni. We tried to stop the Romans taking over Britain.

I led the British fight for eight years, but we were beaten in the end. I was taken in chains to Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire. I thought I was going to be killed or kept in prison. I would not bow or beg for mercy. I told the Roman Emperor that it was right to fight for myself and my people. He was so impressed, he let me go. I was not allowed back into Britain. I lived in Rome for the rest of my life.

I was the Queen of a British tribe called the Iceni. My husband was King Prasutagus. The Romans let us rule over our own lands. In return, we gave them money and did not cause any trouble.

In AD 60, Prasutagus died. The Romans treated me horribly and tried to take all my lands. I fought back. I led an army that destroyed Roman cities and armies.

I very nearly chased the Romans out of Britain, but in the last battle my armies were destroyed. I escaped. I would not let the Romans capture me, so I took poison and died.

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