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19 September 2014
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I was a member of a famous Scottish family called Bruce. Sometimes, people call me Robert the Bruce. I was crowned King of Scotland in 1306.

Scotland and England had different kings. The Kings of England tried to rule over the Kings of Scotland. For more than 20 years, I and my armies fought to stop them. At first, the English were too strong for us and I was forced to run away. A famous story tells how I watched a spider trying over and over again to make a web and realized that, like the spider, I should never give up. I captured English castles and fought many more battles. Finally, in 1328, the English agreed that Scotland was independent. I had won.

I was a nun, a very religious woman. When I was about 30 years old, I was seriously ill and thought I was going to die. I saw visions of Jesus.

I went to live completely on my own and spent my life thinking about what had happened to me. I lived in a small hut near to the church of Saint Julian in Norwich. Although, I was a woman, I took Saint Julian's name. After 20 years, I wrote a book about my thinking. The ideas were very important for all Christians. Many people came to see me or read my book to get advice. I became very famous.

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