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19 September 2014
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I was an Anglo-Saxon. I was born in northeast England and lived most of my life in a monastery. The monastery had a big library of books and I read them all. I was one of the most learned men in Europe.

I gave my life to educating others. I wrote more than 40 books. My most famous book was a history of the English people from Roman times to the time of my death. It was the first history of the English people and most of the stories that people know about early English history come from my book.

I was the King of the West-Saxons. For nearly all my life the Vikings attacked our lands. They had already conquered the north and east of England.

At first, I had to pay the Vikings lots of money to go away. When they attacked again, I had to go and hide. For two years, I built up my army and navy and then I fought back. I won and made peace with the Vikings.

I built new towns. I translated books into English and started schools. I was the first person to be called King of all the English.

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