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18 September 2014
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Oral History and the Local Historian by S Caunce (Longmans, 1994) - Intended as an accessible starting point and includes a good deal more about the farm horsemen.

The Edwardians: The Remaking of British Society by P Thompson (Routledge, 1992) - A survey of an era, derived from Thompson's nationwide recording project, showing how oral testimony can be linked into conventional social history.

Edwardian Childhoods by T Thompson (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1981) - Testimony largely allowed to speak for itself to show the different kinds of childhood experiences before 1914.

Directory of Recorded Sound Resources in the UK by L Weerasinghe (British Library, 1989) - A guide to all archives holding tapes in 1989. All the largest archives of today are in, and it is important to realise that historians increasingly use tapes made by other people, just as they use documents in archives.

The Voice of the Past: Oral History by P Thompson (Oxford University Press, 1978) - The classic text that began the oral history 'boom'. It is aimed more at academic historians.

Oral History: A Handbook by K Howarth (Sutton Publishing, 1998) - Strongest on technical aspects. Oral History is the twice-yearly journal of the Oral History Society, and contains a lot of information about projects and practitioners as well as historical articles.

The Oral History Reader by R Perks and A Thompson (Routledge, 1987) - Excellent for showing a variety of approaches.

Listening to History: The Authenticity of Oral Evidence by T Lummis (Hutchinson, 1987) - The book most directly concerned with issues around the reliability of memory.

Spoken History by GE Evans (Faber, 1987) - A view from the main pioneer of recording testimony, who did so from outside academic circles.

Women's Words: The Feminist Practice of Oral History by SB Gluck and D Patai (Routledge, 1991) - Women, even those of high status, have left few records, and a good deal of recording has been done to set this right.

Oral History: An Annotated Bibliography by RB Perks (British Library, 1990) - Now a decade out of date, but by far the fullest guide to titles of work about or based on oral testimony.

By Word of Mouth: Elite Oral History by A Seddon and J Pappworth (Methuen, 1983)


Oral History Society: A national and international organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of oral history.

International Oral History Association: A society which organises international conferences and also publishes a monthly newsletter on topics of interest to collectors of oral history. A good starting point if your research takes you out of the UK.

British Library National Sound Archive: Oral History Collection/ National Life Story Collection. The catalogue is viewable at this website.

Ethnic Communities Oral History Project: This society promotes the voice of ethnic community groups often in their own language through the collection and publication of their experiences.

School of Scottish Studies: This school was founded at the University of Edinburgh in 1951 to collect, archive, research, study and publish material relating to the cultural traditions of Scotland.

The Society of Archivists Film and Sound Group: A society run by volunteers for the collection and archiving of film archives. Also contains useful links for further research.

Manorial Documents Records Index: Manorial archives relating to various English and Welsh counties.

The Rural History Centre: A collection of material relating to farming, food and the countryside. Mainly British and Irish publications since 1900.

Old Maps of Lancashire: Maps of the area's historic past showing the changing landscape.

Working Class Movement Library: Catalogue of extensive holdings including text, images and artefacts.

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Published: 01-02-2005

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