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19 September 2014
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The Best on the Web - Victorian

RRS Discovery is the ship which was built in Dundee to take Captain Scott to Antarctica. The site contains a wealth of information on Scott's expeditions, the polar region and the ship, which sits today at Discovery Point, Dundee. The website also links to a section on the Verdant Works, a working jute mill in the heart of Dundee. It covers the history from when Dundee was the world centre for the manufacture of jute and explains why the industry fell into decline. You can also follow the manufacturing process of jute online. In addition, this website traces the social history of Dundee mill employees, with a good archive of images showing their general living conditions at the time.

The game of football thrived in the Victorian era, making it Scotland’s most popular sport. In the museum section of this site you can discover the humble beginnings of the nation’s favourite pastime, including such interesting trivia as the wage of a goal keeper in 1890, a women’s game played in Glasgow in 1892 described as "the most degrading spectacle we have ever witnessed in connection with football", and features on Scotland’s first official team, Queen's Park, formed in 1867. In addition, the site includes lots of good images of early teams and memorabilia.

Listings page for all of Glasgow's museums. A practical page for those of you considering a tour round the city's museums, with information on amenities, directions, transport and contact numbers. Glasgow's museums have a wealth of information on the Victorian era - the People's Palace, Scotland Street School, the Museum of Transport, and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum will be of particular interest.


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