JuteVictorian Scotland


Dundee employed large numbers in the jute and textile industries. Local flax was orginally used to produce linen in the town, but as the flax became scarce it was replaced by jute.
Dundee's Jute families - low quality (modem)
Dundee's Jute families - high quality (ISDN)

The industry employing great numbers of Dundonians eventually fell into decline, with the once flourishing jute mills being transformed into new developments for the city.
Memory of factory life
Listen to Women O' Dundee - by Sheena Wellington

This song about the women working in the jute factories describes the exhausting hours spent on the machines. Despite the poor health conditions, the spirit of the Dundee women never floundered.
Sample of lyrics from 'Women O' Dundee'

Now the rhythm o their livin was the clackin o the laims. Their youth an health an strength was lost tae jait. But the weavers and the spinners and the winders O Dundee. Had a spirit that the hard times never bait.

And the wailin o the bummer and the clackin o the laims brocht the women o Dundee oot o their bed. And they walked tae mills and factories and they rocht fae seevin ta fehv. And the women kept the bairns O Dundee fed

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