Victorian Scotland

Glasgow could once boast of being the shipbuilding capital of the world. The industrial Revolution had brought about new technological advances which allowed the city to develop and flourish. Ships built on the Clyde were exported worldwide and had the reputation of being reliable, high-quality products.
Shipbuilding clip - low quality
Shipbuilding clip - high quality

Thomas LiptonThomas Lipton
During this time, Glasgow could also boast of being home to the orgins of the Lipton empire. Thomas Lipton was born in city, where his family ran a grocery business. He left Glasgow to spend his early years in America where amongst other things he worked in a New York grocery store, before returning home to Glasgow in 1870. Inspired by his time in the states, he decided to open his own grocery store in the city. His original humble enterprise developed into a large chain of grocery stores and Lipton made his first million before he was 30 years old. Glasgow benefitted from Thomas Lipton’s will and the money he left to fund hospitals for the poor of the city.

Trace the Lipton history - low quality (modem)
Trace the Lipton history - high quality

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