William WallaceWilliam Wallace

A freedom fighter during the Wars of Independence, and something of a folk hero in certain parts of world. A man from a non-aristocratic background who led armies and became the Guardian of Scotland, before being betrayed and executed in London. He instantly became a martyr - the stuff that legends are made of.

Wallace the Martyr
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The Battle of Stirling Bridge

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Blind Harry's 'The Wallace'
Blind Harry's epic poem about the exploits of William Wallace, written 150 years after his death, became the most popular book in Scotland after the Bible. Harry's aim was to edify Wallace, not to report historical facts, and by the time he wrote the verse, c.1478, there was already a thriving tradition in literature dedicated to this national hero.

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Blind Harry - The Wallace
The Wallace (Chpt XI) - On the Death of Wallace
Who shall defend thee now, and make thee free?
Alas! in war, who shall thy leader be!
Who shall thee now rescue from Saxon rage,
And who their rath and fury can assuage?
I say no more, but beg God of his grace,
May thee in haste restore to wealth and peace:
Brave Wallace now shall thee govern no more,
Who to thy rights restor'd thee thrice before.

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