I get up at 08:10 and go downstairs   
 for my breakfast. I usually have a    
 bowl of Frosties, milk and toast. I   
 leave for school at 08:45 as lessons  
 begin at 08:55.                       
 We do Spellings Tables and then       
 Reading. Next comes English which is  
 either grammar or comprehension. After
 that we have milk followed by a ten   
 minute break. During break we play    
 football with a stone or play a game  
 called tig.                           
 After break we do maths,sometimes we  
 go to the library to change our       
 books.We have television programmes   
 and P.E.                              
 At lunchtime I have a school dinner.My
 daddy does not work so I get a free   
 dinner.I play with my friends until   
 it is time to go back to class.We do  
 more work again and go home at 15:00. 
 I like school but I also like holidays

Map of the area

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