The threatened closure of the East  
 Belfast Community Council as caused   
 much consternation among local        
 residents. Protests have been lodged  
 by individuals and groups alike.      
 Members of the Open Door Club, a group
 of unemployed teenagers have stated   
 that they will have nowhere to go and 
 nothing to do if the Council is closed
 They cannot afford to use the Leisure 
 Centres and have therefore been doing 
 community work sponsored by the       
 Council. This work has entailed such  
 projects as removing grafitti from the
 outside wall of local buildings, home 
 decorating and clearing rubbish from  
 the River Connswater. Another group   
 which shall be affected by the        
 threatned closure are visually        
 handicapped. These people will no     
 longer receive their Talking          

Map of the area

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