1986 WHERE I LIVE (cont.).

   There are now a lot of trees in     
 Sandy Row where once were very few.   
 One of the very old trees is known to 
 most local people as THE FAIRY THORN. 
 The Authorities responsible for       
 housing asked workmen to remove it.   
 They would not do this as legend says 
 that whoever cuts it down will have   
 bad luck for the rest of their lives. 
   The people who live in the Sandy Row
 area belong chiefly to one of the main
 Protestant Churches, ie. Presbyterian,
 Methodist, Baptist or Church of       
   The Protestants remember the 12th   
 July because William, Prince of Orange
 defeated King James 11 at the Battle  
 of the Boyne 1690. On this day members
 of "Orange Lodges" hold parades.      

Map of the area

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