CLUBS-The main clubs in our area are 
 Gaelic,karati,running and boxing      
 clubs.Football,hurling and handball   
 are the main games played in Gaelic   
 clubs.Youth clubs cater for those     
 people who are not interested in      
 ARMED FORCES-All policemen carry      
 weapons.In Clonard British army       
 soldiers also patrol our              
 streets.Sometimes they use jeeps or   
 heavy armour-plated saracens.The      
 police stations and army barracks are 
 all protected with huge wire mesh     
 fences,concrete pillar boxes and other
 security systems.                     
 HOUSING-Old small terrace houses      
 being replaced.New houses built in    
 cul-de sacs keeping small             
 communities alive.Tower blocks from   
 sixties gradually disappearing.Shift  
 of young couples to the outskirts.    

Map of the area

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