My mum took the trolley bus into town 
 when she was about ten years old.There
 were less cars and lorries in those   
 days and more people had bicycles.The 
 buses were completely red,double      
 deckers and it cost about a penny for 
 the half mile journey into the centre 
 from Templemore Avenue.Buses were     
 warmer,more comfortable with softer   
 seats and they had a driver and a     
 conductor.You didn't have weekly      
 tickets like today but paid the       
 conductor and he clipped you a ticket 
 costing 1d,2d,3d,or four pennies.About
 1905-which no one in my family        
 remembers the trams were pulled by    
 horses.Nowadays the transport is      
 different because there is only the   
 driver on the bus and you pay him or  
 use tokens which you can buy in the   
 shop's for 40p each or £2.50 for      

Map of the area

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