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 The area surveyed in this block is    
 Belfast City Centre and the inner city
 areas of                              
 (A) To the west the "Lower Shankill"  
 and "Lower Falls" separated in places 
 by a PEACE LINE.                      
 (B) To the south "Sandy Row", "Donegal
 Pass", Lower Ormeau Road"and          
 "Botannic" areas.                     
 (c)To the east "Short Strand", and the
 "Lower Newtownards Road".             
 The city centre comprises the main    
 commercial and shopping area of Office
 Blocks and Large Stores.              
 The inner city areas, typical of many 
 large cities, portrays poor housing   
 and urban decay slowly being          
 Many important buildings can be found,
 in the west The Royal Victoria        
 Hospital, the south Queens Unversity, 
 and the east Harland and Wolf Shipyard

Map of the area

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