The family is still the most important
 unit in our society. Most families    
 surveyed in our school are still two  
 parent families, with the majority of 
 one parent families being due to the  
 death of a parent. The average size of
 family in our class worked out at 4.4 
 with the number of children ranging   
 from one to twelve.                   
 In the Coalisland area the importance 
 attached to family life is shown by   
 the fact the the new Roman  Catholic  
 church was named the church of the    
 Holy Family. The Boy Scout troop      
 formed in 1983 is named the Holy      
 Family 10th  Tyrone Boy Scouts .      
 Family life still provides most of the
 occasions for celebration,even        
 funerals  in our area have a certain  
 element of celebration attached to    
 them. Religious occasions and family  
 celebrations are closely linked.      

Map of the area

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