1986 Dallinghoo village.

     Dallinghoo is smaller than        
Bredfield, having a general shop and   
post office, a church and a small      
village hall but the primary school    
has been converted into a house.       
     Dallinghoo church is dedicated    
to St. Mary. There is a service at the 
church every Sunday but there is no    
Sunday school, so the children go to   
Bredfield for that. The tower was in   
the middle but part of the church has  
been knocked down so it is now at the  
end. The door at the bottom of the     
tower is locked. The pulpit is Tudor   
and has Catherine of Aragon's coat of  
arms on it. The church is built of     
flint and has a porch at the front. The
large vestry used to be the school room
before the village school was built and
has recently been renovated to be used 
for services. The lych gate was built  
in Queen Victoria's reign.             

Map of the area

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