1986 Continuing Simon's Day - 3

     When the bell goes I walk indoors,
wash my hands, get my milk and find a  
place to sit. When we finish our dinner
we go outside and play football again. 
At one o'clock the bell goes and we    
come in and do some map reading and    
then some writing for our project until
half past two because it is playtime,  
we play football again until two forty 
five. We listen to a story called      
"Missee Lee" by Arthur Ransome. At     
quarter past three I go home, get      
changed and play on my computer. At    
five o'clock I have my tea. When I have
finished my tea I get my kite and go   
and call for my friend, Woody. He is   
there so both of us go to fly my kite  
on the playing field. I go home at     
seven o'clock, play on the computer    
until eight o'clock. Then I watch      
television until nine o'clock because I
go to bed then.                        

Map of the area

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