1986 Continuing Simon's Day - 2

     I walk back to my desk, get my    
handwriting book out and get on with   
it. We have about quarter of an hour's 
handwriting and then the bus comes to  
take us to the Deben pool in           
Woodbridge. When we get there we get   
changed and have half an hour swimming.
We come out at ten o'clock and walk    
back to the cubicles, get dressed, line
up where we came in and wait for       
everyone else, then we can get on the  
bus. It takes us about fifteen minutes 
to get back and when we arrive it is   
     If the field is wet we stay on the
playground, but if it's dry we go on   
the field to play football. The bell   
goes at ten forty five. When we come in
we do mathematics until about eleven   
thirty. After maths we have assembly   
until twelve o'clock. After assembly we
go out for five minutes and just talk. 

Map of the area

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