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1986 Arable farming in Bredfield

     The main crop is winter wheat     
which is used for bread, biscuits and  
cattle food. Many fields have rape,    
grown for its oil for cooking and      
cosmetics. Barley is grown and used for
whisky and cattle food. Sugar beet is  
processed into sugar. Some farmers grow
field beans for cattle food. One farmer
grows peas for a freezing company.     
     Crop rotation keeps the land in   
good condition, an example is two years
of winter wheat, one year of peas, two 
more of winter wheat, then one of sugar
beet which needs a six year rotation.  
     Methods of prevention for problem 
pests such as aphids, pigeons, slugs,  
rabbits and hares, are insecticide     
sprays, bird scarers, scarecrows, slug 
pellets and organised shoots. Although 
the hours are long at harvest time the 
work is not physically hard because of 
all the modern machinery used.         

Map of the area

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