1986 Market Hill - The Shire Hall

 The Shire Hall on Market Hill was     
 built in the early 1570's as a        
 court-house and is still used as such 
 today. The ground floor has also been 
 used as an open-market until just     
 before world war two, the top floor   
 being supported by brick arches that  
 were filled in during 1803. On the    
 roof used to be two fire sirens which 
 were used after the building was      
 restored in 1884, when it was briefly 
 used as a fire station before it      
 became the petty sessions court.      
 Visitors can still see in the brick   
 work the arches once used to admit the
 carts and people to the market.       
                       St. Mary's.     

Map of the area

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