1986 The River Deben-an overview.

 Through Woodbridge runs a river called
 the river Deben.Along the banks are   
 several sheds where they build and    
 repair boats and paint them.There are 
 all sorts of boats on the river _     
 sailing boats , rowing boats , yachts,
 motor boats and a ferry boat that runs
 over to Sutton Hoo on the opposite    
 bank.There is a tide mill which runs  
 by tide power.People can go into it   
 and see how it works now it has been  
 restored to working order.You can see 
 a lot of wildlife such as wild        
 flowers, birds and animals .There is  
 also a model yacht pond on which you  
 sail boats. Near the yacht pond there 
 is a park called the Kingston  playing
 field which has swings and slides.    
 There are two cafes in which you can  
 buy refreshments.The River Deben is   
 very popular for sailing,walking or   
 just relaxing.      County Primary.   

Map of the area

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