1986 Woddbridge and its Schools.

    One of our teachers, Mrs. Chapman, 
 has taught in three of the Schools in 
 Woodbridge. She began teaching at the 
 "Yellow School" which was in Theatre  
 Street. There were two large rooms and
 one small one. As there was only one  
 sink the children had to share hand   
 bowls.The rooms were gaslit.          
    When the children had finished at  
 the "Yellow School" they went up the  
 road to the "Blue School", now St.    
 Mary's. This too had three classrooms 
 in a large hall with wooden dividing  
 partitions. Each classroom had a fire 
 which was difficult to keep alight,   
 the rooms got very smokey.            
    Finally Mrs. Chapman went to Kyson 
 School where she taught the infants in
 a large open-plan classroom.          
    Other State Schools in the town are
 County Primary, Kingston Middle and   
 Farlingaye High School.  Kyson School.

Map of the area

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