1986 Community Services.

 Community Hall Has discos and ballet  
 lessons and dancing lessons for all   
 age groups.Barn dances. Sun Lane Hall 
 Has ballet lessons ,modern lessons and
 tap dancing usually on Mondays.Disco  
 dancing usually on Tuesdays and dog   
 training on Fridays. Youth Club  Has  
 karate lessons and computer lessons.  
 Community work and keep fit for adults
 Opera Workshop puts on operas here. St
 Marys House Has ballet and tap lessons
 Brownies,Cubs and Scouts.The Barnabas 
 playgroup. St Johns Ballet lessons    
 here.Church and Mothers Union meetings
 Sports Centre Has football lessons,   
 short tennis and proper tennis lessons
 Gym and karate clubs and judo lessons.
 There is badminton and keep fit for   
                      Kyson School.    

Map of the area

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