1986 Geography and Ecology.

 Woodbridge is situated on the upper   
 reaches of the River  Deben. It is    
 situated on the western bank of the   
 river.Nearly all old pasture land has 
 been ploughed up as farmers no longer 
 keep much livestock. Lots of land,    
 formerly heathland and wet land has   
 been changed into farmland and        
 roads.New and bigger roads together   
 with flats and houses and industrial  
 development have now taken up large   
 areas of pasture and woodland.Farmers 
 are spraying chemicals that are       
 supposed to kill pests, but as well as
 killing pests they kill butterflies,  
 bees and field mice.The invention of  
 modern machinery has meant lots of    
 jobs but it has made work a lot easier
 and more efficient.The farms in our   
 area are Gazebo Farm,Shrubbery Farm,  
 Grange Farm,Willow Farm,Mill Farm and 
 Gull Farm.           Kyson School.    

Map of the area

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