1986 General Impresssions.

 As a newcomer to the area, I have only
 lived here for 12 months, the first   
 thing that I noticed was how clean the
 town looked. Not only the town but the
 riverside area as well.There were good
 play areas for the children too and   
 what modern development there has been
 is well disguised in the form of two  
 precincts set back from the main      
 shopping area.                        
 The landscape is very much a mixture  
 of river valley and heath bordering as
 it does the Rendlesham Forest. The    
 buildings are a pleasant mixture of   
 the old and new with many interesting 
 The only intrusive feature is the     
 drone of plane engines overhead. They 
 come from the two local U.S.A.F. bases
 a legacy of the 2nd World War.        
 All in all though, it's a good place  
 to live, and to visit.(A.G.)St.Mary's.

Map of the area

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