There are 17 kennels at the R.S.P.C.A.
Animal Home in Mill Lane, and 16       
Catteries all of which have central    
 I am woken by the barking of the dogs 
and the cats mewing at feeding time,   
which is 6.00a.m. I pull on my clothes 
and rush downstairs to help.The dogs'  
meal is mixed with water and the cats  
are given Whiskers                     
 Then it's  noses to the grindstone    
exercising the dogs.With aching wrists 
we are dragged round the lanes and     
forest walks by a hefty Labrador or    
Alsatian. Then it's back to the kennels
for cleaning.While this is done the    
dogs are put in the exercise run. Next 
it's time to feed the goat.            
 At 2.00p.m. we go for a well earned   
lunch. At 2.30 the gates open and in   
come the public to choose a dog.       

Map of the area

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